Sunday, March 19, 2006


I have coached Scholastic Bowl for the past 4 years. Admittedly, not my long suit since I am not a trivia or a math person, however; it turns out I have the good sense to pick the kids that are.
My JV team came in first within our league this year. Quite a proud moment for someone who never dreamed that this was something I could coach. (Really, I am just waiting for that big ole trophy to come so I can display it with pride and , yes, I do mean to gloat just a bit!)

One of things that my kids learn from me is strategy on how to play the game. They have the brains and I have the experience to actually teach them how to improve their game.
I have to admit that the kids on my team don't quite know how to take me. What with the accent that shows up from time to time and my "Let me be blunt" personality, I think they sometimes don't remember that it is an HONOR to be on my team!!!

They actually believe that since I was born in West Viriginia that I have a gun and a gun rack on my truck and know how to use it. So much for the stereo typical least they know I wear shoes.

My kids have the advantage of having someone like me ( and most of you know what that means) to coach them and the positive thing about it is that no other coach in the league intimidates them. I don't think the same can be said for the other schools about me. Trust me when I tell you that my kids love to see me take on a coach that think they know the rules or how to read the questions or don't like how something is done and I know how it is done.

(I did mention that this was not my long suit but I DO know ALL the rules just in case I need to look smart. NO ONE tells my kids they are wrong because...they're not(at least about the rules). just stating the facts. It is the only thing I could be sure about....because you know all the capitals of the African provinces off the top of your head and without looking? Or which general led which battle during some obscure war? I think not. So I went with knowing the rules....being the rule follower I am.)

It has been a beautiful thing.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


For those of you that know me, you know I married an Irishman. Not only was it the happiest day of my life but it gave me an ethnicity that I did not have before and that has been a great thing.

When I first moved to Detriot all those years ago, one of the best parts, beside the husband, was learning all about the ethnic people who lived there. They had festivals every weekend downtown and we would go and try the food and have an absolutley fabulous time.

Where I grew up you were either black or white and believe me when I tell you that you wanted to be here I am in Detroit where not only do you have your black and white but you have your ethnic....Italian, Irish, Polish, Indian(not American), Jewish, etc. Loved it loved it loved it......until.....EVERYONE kept asking about my ethnicity(telling them I was West Virginian didn't seem to appease them) I would be badgered and badgered with

Them: "Who are your people?
Me: "my mom and dad???"
Them : "NONONO..where are you from?"
ME: West Virginia?
Them:" NONONO. What is your background?"
Me: "American?"
Them:" NONONO. What are you?"
Me: "A girl?"
Them:" What is your background?"
ME:"Well, I went to college at...."
Them: "NO!!!! What is your ethnic background? What part of Europe did you hail from? What are your traditions? What is your food?'
Me: "Heinz 57, Don't know, don't care cause we've been here for a coon's age, most protestant religious traditions and beans and cornbread. And by the way, you people are crazy!!!!

I pesonally thought they were going to slap me. So --What are you or what's your background--is a question I have hated forever.--at least once I moved North.....back in West Virigina, they still don't care and that is a good thing in my mind.

But the good news is, once I married the Irishman, I took his last name and from that day forward I have been .........

...IBM.....Irish By Marriage....

It has been a beautiful thing......shuts people right up when they query the question.

But having been IBM for close to 30 years, how do you manage to NOT remember to wear green on St. Patrick's Day?

Must be getting old!!