Friday, September 26, 2008

How time Flies

It has been brought to my attention that I have been neglecting this blog! so let me see if I can "share some love"!

First let me say that my BIl continues to improve after his open heart surgery. He is home and walking and eating well and it will be a week today that he became a member of the "mended hearts club"....not by his choice I might add. Thanks for all of your good wishes to him.

Second, I have been very busy with 2 Russian girls that Shannon met at camp. They came over on a program called "Camp America" and the incentive to come to Camp America was to see America-when your job at camp was done- and learn English. Let me be the first to tell you that the only way these girls would have learned English was if all the girls from the Eastern Block spoke it because that is all that were working in the camp kitchen! They worked very very hard for their 10 week contract and then they had 8 weeks to see America. Let's just say that by the time they reached Chicago from Michigan they realized that the money they had made would not take them much further than Chicago. I was more than happy to let them stay in Shannon's room(as she is still in Costa Rica) and have been delighted that it has worked out that they have been our guests. One of them left for Russia yesterday and the other one will leave next week.
This is not the first time I have had visitors from other parts of the world. I have had Jean Baptiste from France, 4 girls from Germany at various times, Alejandra from Columbia, my Korean girl that spent 2 years with me and is currently attending her
3rd year in college in Chicago. She spends Christmas and holidays with me....I almost feel sorry for her..having an American mom and a Korean mom....if you ask me who is more intense it will amaze most of you that it is NOT me!!
So having 2 Russian girls stay for a few problem. I have enjoyed having them here. They are wonderful and very helpful. They have always been worried about imposing on my hospitality but they have been fabulous guests. They have cleaned, cooked some of their favorite dishes for me, worked on my weeds(because you know how much time I find for that!!!), taken care of my 3 dogs and been just wonderful. They have been downtown to see the sights of Chicago...the Sears Tower, Navy Pier, Grant Park, the Magnificent Mile, some museums. We have been shopping. They have discovered "sales" and LOVE them. They plan to have an American party when they both get back to Russia and they will serve their favorite foods.....rRice Crispy treats and chocolate chip cookies! But I think their time here has been well spent. Their English has improved and they have celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with us. They have been to Lake Michigan..and fallen in!
I learn so much from having people from different cultures stay with us. My MIL has been very kind to them as well....she took them down to the farm and showed them corn and soybeans.....unfortunately, she also showed them the inside of a police station. How? Well, she let one of them drive home from the farm (she has a current and valid drivers license in just happens to be IN Russia and not on her!)and there was a minor(very very minor) fender bender but technically she was "driving without a license" as well as the "accident" so he made her get in the back of the police car and he drove her to the station to "book" her...let me just tell you that this was not an experience the girls were looking for. I am guessing that this is NOT a good thing in Russia. My comment to the police officer (when I finally got there) was "You couldn't handle this a bit differently? you do know that in Russia when the police come for you, you are never seen again or you become the next Russian gymnast don't you?" --and this was after the little girl had fainted(scared out of her mind) and she is laying in the floor of the police station waiting for 911 to respond. oh times. I am just lucky they decided to not put ME in jail!!.....our court date is next week, we have a copy of her Driver's license so all will be well....
But I can't help wondering-- how will all this translate when they get home?