Thursday, August 30, 2007

Family news

For those of you that are stopping by and are news...Erin is pregnant and due in March....It will be the 3rd great grandchild for my MIL. Other news.....Laura and Alexi will be getting married next July 4th in the date....Laura is staying with Grandma until after the current wedding and then she and Alexi will be moving into their new place in Hyde Park...or that's what I've been told. Get those passports up to date! We are off to my nephew's wedding in is on Saturday...should be alot of fun what with the Taste of Madison and the first home football game for the University...look for pictures later next week! Greg is home from Beijing for the wedding, Andrew is in from the Navy, Mike and Olivia are in from Hong Kong with Mikey who spent the summer in Germany, all the sibs are in from California, Baltimore, Dallas, Singapore, and Iowa. That's all the news I have or have heard, been told or flat out made up! Have a great weekend.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Clancy and Gryffindor

This post is especially for my blogger friend JoAnn. This is the Bernese Mountain Dog, Gryffindor, that lives across the street from me and, of course, Clancy. They are both having a fabulous time. Gryff is about 5 and he wore out pretty fast after this picture!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A girl and her baby.....and dog!

This is my great nephew, Teddy and his dog, Maddy. I love how they are both asleep on the "Great" aunt. Are you practing "great aunt nene" with Teddy? You know he can only call me "great" if he says I'm his favorite!lol

Friday, August 24, 2007


One of the girls I work with is totally into the Simpsons and insisted I do this.....Can't say I was ever a big fan but.........Who knew that even I could be Simpsonized? Go here to have a go at it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Vicki!

Hope you have a wonderful day, Vicki!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tim Hortons Coffee


I posted a coffee shop on my other blog not too long ago and mentioned that I wasn't a big fan of Starbucks.....WAY too bitter for me...I don't care how rich the guy is he doesn't appeal to my tastes. One of my fellow Daily Photo bloggers mentioned that he prefers Tim Hortons that is like Starbucks in Canada. For the fun of it, I looked to see if they sold Tim Hortons in the USA. Well, imagine my surprise that not only do they sell it, there is a Tim Hortons in my hometown of St. Albans, West Virginia. Of all places. Not one in Illinois...or anywhere close...but there are quite a few in Michigan. If I had only known I could've picked some coffee up in Michigan instead of having my mom send me a can from St. Albans. It has arrived and I'll be the first to tell you that this is GOOD coffee. Thanks North Bay Daily Photo. I appreciate the tip...and thanks mom for finding it, buying it and sending it! I'll share if anyone wants a cup!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Girl Club!!!!

The last night of camp 3 of my nieces came to our cabin for a sleepover/girl club. This was instigated by the 2 younger nieces who wanted to spend time with the 2 older girl cousins....Why not at my place? I had 4 empty beds. We spent a lot of that day playing beauty shop (I braided their hair) and I did manicures and pedicures on them so the evening they came over we were going to giggle and laugh and play cards. Well, some how we started with the younger ones giving the older ones a back rub. The older girl in pink shorts fell asleep pretty quickly and the rest of us chatted until the wee hours....We had a lot of fun! Can't wait to do it again next year! And, yes, we all ended up with either pink or orange toenails. Fun, fun fun.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Almost the whole fam Damily

This is our portrait at camp. Many of you know who we are but for those of you who don' goes.The number after some names indicates what number in the line up of 10 children they are. (6 of the 10 kids were at camp)
Back row standing: Johannes, Fred(6), Kevin, Janet(7), Brenda, Matthew
Standing in front of Fred: Kathleen(2),Kieran, Frances, Gean, Douglas
Sitting by herself:Sheila(10)
Sitting on bench: Ellen(9),Motherinlaw with baby Mina,Avis(my mom), Me(neva), Shannon, Charley(1)
on the deck:Kelly, AnnaMay, Colin.
And another break down for those that are curious...Sheila and Johannes, AnnaMay, Frances and Mina; Fred and Gean, Douglas, Kelly; Janet and Kevin, Brenda, Matthew, Colin; Ellen and Kieran; Charley and Neva, Shannon; Kathleen had none of her kids here. Hope this was a reminder for you, mom!Just imagine trying to figure out which kid goes with what parent if you haven't seen the kids before or their parents for 30 did an amazing job remembering and she for sure has Kevin and Janet's kids in order!!!! It was a great week at camp and if you weren't missed a fun week. Looking forward to next year!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

No good deed goes unpunished!

You know I was watching Chin the chinchilla and he went off to Camp with my daughter. We were at camp this past week and the real owner of Chin was so glad I took such good care of him that I got this award.

I thought you would like to see how well Chin is doing. Here is a picture of him in his chin condominium.

I am thrilled he is at camp and having fun. I am sure he will enjoy his new semester at the University of Michigan with his real owner.
By the way....he remembered me and promptly ran up my arm when I went to pet him. I am sure this makes you as happy as it made me!