Thursday, July 16, 2009

A week later

Shannon is feeling much better a week after her accident. Here she is after he stitches were removed and she is cooking dinner.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

An update on the leg wound...

Shannon is home from India and this is one of her favorite pictures.....she is the tall blonde!!!

I thought I would update you on her leg wound that I posted in March.....She would not take a photo of it until she got home...

Here is what it looked like...

From this to this....whew.....that is just disgusting..

..and healed thank heavens.
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But now we have another issue with little Shannon.....of all things...she got hit by a car on her bike while she was back at her old University. An ambulance ride and 36 stitches in her face later.....this is what she looks like........

she is very fortunate she only had stitches...probably a broken nose as well as she has 2 black eyes and whiplash of course.....we thought we had revoked her bike privilege's 2 years ago when she had a bike accident (same place --- different circumstances) but she is 23 and can make her own decisions....but we do think she has decided that India is safer than her on her bike!
She really is better after 4 days ...she just feels like she got hit by a car...oh wait...she did!