Monday, November 27, 2006

Shopping with my husband or how I ended up with Orthopeadic shoes-

I will admit that I love to whine.

Sometimes it is just a past time or to see if anyone will listen....but mostly I do it to annoy the husband.....especially if it is about something I know he knows something about.

Truly, I am ok with that.

I have plantar comes and goes.
He knows something about this....all those years of education I guess!!!
Usually, it is not so bad.
...but I have been wearing some very pretty shoes that aggravate it so after church yesterday we went shoe shopping together(what ??? you thought that crack of lightning was all about the weather??? think again!!)
We went to a place that specializes in
1) Very expensive shoes
3) Very comfortable shoes
4) Fits orthotics
Just where you want to go and buy shoes-if you are a retired nun with gnarly feet and need those lovely orthopeadic shoes

Here is a picture of what he thought I might wear:

we finally compromised on these:
(Look at the picture--it is called a santorini)

Actually, they are pretty comfortable....considering he dissed over 40 pairs of shoes I am happy I am not wearing the nun shoes..although I have been told "you don't follow directions well"
Duh ---really???
and this is new news????

so, I was quite happy just complaining...


.....but I will let you know if it helps with my plantar fasciitis

Friday, November 24, 2006

Not my sister---really

Here are the 2 girls who are not related.
(This was taken after Thanksgiving dinner.)
(The "Not my sister "award )
Aren't they adorable?
They really could be sisters but will have
to settle for being cousininlaws!
Not a bad deal.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A thought for Thanksgiving

I am shamelessly stealing this from Derailed.

Thank you.


So, the new dog did not last after he decided that my husband would be a good lunch/dog chew. Back to where he started.....happiest dog I ever saw when he saw his original owner(who has him BACK on the lab adoption page.. go figure).....still looking for a new dog but guess a puppy will have to be considered.......

some people have NO CLUE as to how to train and raise a safe and happy dog.....

LISTEN UP PEOPLE.....dogs ARE NOT and I repeat NOT -anthropomorphic(capable of having people feelings).......They are dogs that deal better when they know the pack rules....not people rules......

I don't care if you think your dog has people feelings.....
go read a few books about dogs......The Monks of New Skete, The Kohler method of dog training, DOG OBEDIENCE......
and then we will have a conversation.'d think I was trying to balance the national budget talking to some people who see NO NEED to take their dog to obedience school.....and then the new baby comes along and a painful lesson is learned and doggy has to go away cause doggy is trying to establish a pack rule.....NOT people rules.

ok...go enjoy your turkey day while I go and let go of dog owners who do not live up to my standards.

It is so hard to be right when no one listens.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Might not keep the dog but THIS is a keeper!!

My little great niece...dressed as a lady bug.....isn't she the cutest thing ever??!!!
SHE is a keeper!!

A new dog --maybe

I am thinking of NOT keeping the dog we have from
---Denver--he is not quite what we have in mind.
I will know after his trial period....which is 2 weeks.

NOt that I am trying to replace Mason....but Denver is not a Mason.

Seems to be a little more nervous for a lab than I like.

We will see.