Friday, June 29, 2007

Winter vs Summer

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I think these are both pretty pictures but it is easier to enjoy the flowers! Notice the 2 trees down near the street....They are Ash trees and we are fairly confident the Ash borer will make mincemeat of these within the next year. Sad, isn't it?

Thursday, June 28, 2007 does your garden grow?

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This is our perinnel garden. The husband plants it and I weed it....a good way to share the outside work....I like the way it looks...the reds are not as obvious as they are in real life but what are you going to do?

I particularly like the bird house with the Holly hocks....the birdhouse is just for show...I don't think a real bird would chose to live there even though the paint job is beautiful...but I liked the way it blends in with the flowers.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Little Switzerland"

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West Virginia is a beautiful is called "little Switzerland" as it has the Appalachian Mountains running through the state. The roads and interstates curve...they are NOT is one of the few places you can get car sick on the interstate because of the curves!

This picture was taken by my aunt. It is across from the graveyard where her parents are buried(my grandparents). She took this out the car window when she was there with my mom. Tallmansville is a very small town in northeast West is the site of the terrible mine disaster cave-in that killed 12 last year....
When I was a little girl, mom would take us out to visit her grandmother(my great grandmother :o))in the "country". It truly was the indoor plumbing...I have used the outhouse with the Sears and Roebuck catalog as the toilet paper...and with the words ringing in my ears "watch out for copperheads" gag.....snakes I don't do ...especially poisonous my sister and I would yell all the way to the outhouse hoping to scare any and all snakes, animals and other things me when I tell you that we REALLY had to go to the bathroom when we did night..if you were unlucky enough to get to spend the had chamber pots under the bed to use....sounds good...until you realize that you are responsible for emptying it in the outhouse the next morning....when it is cool and the snakes are more likely to be resting near the warmth.....for 2 girls who were born in the '50s this was like stepping back into the previous century....we never did figure out why the 2 of us were so lucky and our oldest sister never had the pleasure of an overnight visit ....we think is was she had a louder voice and a cousin closer to her age that she would go and stay with!!
My younger sister and I have a lot of memories of this little town... it was fun to go but more fun to come back to civilization....TV, running water, bikes, telephones not on a party line, cars, get my drift! But when we tell these stories it is hard for people to believe that we experienced what we even in the '60s, it seemed unusual not to have some of the amenities one gets used to...Looking back now, it was comparable to abject poverty but no one felt that way...we were always welcomed with food and love and as much as we dreaded sleeping over.....we loved to go and visit.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Concert in the park

Saturday we went to a concert in the park.....It is an outdoor area with a covered pavilion and grass for lawn seating...we usually go once a summer and we decided to go with a group I work with..we picked a convenient day...not really paying any attention to who was playing...Everyone that comes is good. We love jazz...and that's what we thought we were going to listen to.....The Chicago Symphony Orchestra plays here in the summer so how bad can it be?
I will pay closer attention next year....I really didn't like
CONGO SQUARE ----it is exactly what you think it is..........
The beating of congo drums and chanting of african somethings....
Opera, ok
classical, ok
rock, ok
jazz, ok
odadahh...not so much....the congo drums gave me quite a headache....
Thank heavens the company was good.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


It has been a few years since I was in a Bunco group....I had never heard of this game until I was asked to really is a fun, easy, relaxing game(especially if there is alcohol involved!). After the kids were out of junior high, the bunco group I was in dispersed. I didn't miss it that much as I also bowl and I was in 2 bridge groups.
Imagine my surprise when the bridge group I am currently in wanted to switch to BUNCO! for the summer instead of bridge...too much thinking in the heat???? not sure why..
Let me just tell you...there are no hard and fast rules in Bunco....not like bowling or bridge where it is pretty hard core and you need some talent or practice...not so in bunco...if you can roll the die you can play bunco and even if you can' big deal.
The problem, or at least the problem at tonight's bunco, was which rules do we follow? Because if there is one thing that I can tell you....there are numerous ways to play ...some examples...with 3 or 4 die....keeping track of any of the combinations of wins, loses, high points, low points, BUNCOS!, baby buncos or how many times you are at the Head Table.
I had fun regardless of how we decided to only suggestion was which ever way we decide to play, let's WRITE them down so we remember what we did the NEXT time we play!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Black dogs and amusement parks

I am NOT an Amusement Park girl...I get sea sick just thinking of the teacups--forget watching them....but I also have fear of physcis failing as you flip upside down and then the ride breaks and you are UPSIDE down...does not the law of gravity take over?? I am not willing to find out...even if I didn't get seasick watching rides...but when you hear this on the radio
"and in Kentucky, a 13 y/o girl had both her feet sliced off while on the Superman ride.....and they have closed this ride down at 4 other amusement parks....."
Ok....close them ALL down.....and gives me another reason to remember this blog "I knew someone who died that way".
This is one thing my sister and I have in common...the worry factor and the reminders of being careful...I mean...really...we lived with a policeman (dad) while growing up and then all 3 of us went into medicine at some level and you see SO many things that could happen...and do....I remind people that I live off the misfortune of others....husband being a doctor and all ... and there are ALOT of misfortunate some safety tips just come naturally...but if this ever happens to me and our
black lab and you read about me on the news...the rest of that story is
"...and the last you saw Clancy was as his owner chased him down the street....."

Blogging world

I started blogging after my little sister convinced me it would be fun.....I wasn't so sure....seemed like a lot of effort for no good reason...
Imagine my surprise to find out that I really enjoyed it! It's nice to know that my family can catch up --or not---on what is happening here...very helpful to the son in Beijing who then remembers WHY he moved to the other side of the world!!!
But really, the same sister has not been blogging for half a year now....she read all my blogs she had missed and was amazed I hadn't mentioned some of the things to her when I had talked to her via the phone....well....that IS why I blog....don't want to repeat or anything!
She has been really busy with many things...not the least she has become a new grandmother, but she was amazed that so many people read my blog....ok, people, to be fair.....not that many!! some people have thousands!! I don't but she was surprised to see so many from around the world.....
I thought that was what blogging was about...go and read and see what's out there, make a comment or 2, they come and read yours and the circle goes on...
I have "met" some wonderful friends thru gal pals, photo has been very fun for me......and I will continue to do so.
I wish I was as witty as some I read and could take pictures like others....
Even though she has given up blogging...and she is very witty with her writing....I will continue to do what I enjoy and hopefully....
I will meet up with some of my gal pals in real life....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One last Chin story.....

When Chin's owner came to see Chin once he was back at camp the first words out of his mouth were:
"OMG Chin is so FAT!"

Hmmmmm and I thought that is what they were supposed to look like.....
Could it be that I wouldn't let him out to run?
could it be that Chin became a man chin instead of a baby chin?
Could it be that I really don't care?
Darn right.

He is lucky Chin is alive and well....

and I miss the chin just a little sad is that???

Monday, June 18, 2007

A happy camper

Chin is back at camp with his owner--even though the daughter will still be in charge of him during the summer---
his condo will be gracing his owner's dorm/apartment come the fall......
I am sure the chin is a happy little camper but even if he isn't, I am a happy little camper.
It was worth the 700 miles I drove to give Chin ROOMMATES..He is now sharing his space at camp with:
A gerbil, 2 rats, a hamster and 2 mice who just had 2 babies........
He is the biggest and the NICEST of these and they can all spin their wheels at night and have at it....

Go Chin.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nosy neighbors.

I really don't have bad neighbors...we live on an acre and we can be as friendly as we want to be or they want to be...
However......I am not a mean person...pretty friendly..outside a lot(we have a puppy remember) it is not like I am school... I am at home mostly.
When I got a call from the Home Owners Association president (who lives next door and is a GOOD friend and we are NOT members of the HOA(not is a long story...suffice it to say that we will NEVER be a member)....she was calling in her official capacity and said that a neighbor wanted to know what we were doing in our back yard I was a little taken aback.....ok for those of you that know know I was ALOT taken aback.....
Apparently our Bocce Ball court can be seen from a neighbors house and they wanted to know what we planned to do with it...Did we get a building permit, was it going to stay up what exactly were our plans????
Here was my response.....
Listen up a neighbor and listen closely--

This is NOT your problem...
it is NOT a permanent structure
It does NOT require a building permit
It is NOT your business to police me and the day you (THE HOA) feel the need to do that.....make sure you have a legal document or you will be thrown off my property so fast your head will swim.

In case you wondered.....the Bocce ball court (which is made out of plumbing PVC)..will be a Permanent structure in my back yard until the snow flies and maybe even longer and I will make darn sure you can see it from your house....even if I have to move it everyday......

Saturday, June 09, 2007

What kind of soul are you?

OK everytime I do this I get a different profile....who's the real me?

You Are a Peacemaker Soul

You strive to please others and compromise anyway you can.
War or conflict bothers you, and you would do anything to keep the peace.
You are a good mediator and a true negotiator.
Sometimes you do too much, trying so hard to make people happy.

While you keep the peace, you tend to be secretly judgmental.
You lose respect for people who don't like to both give and take.
On the flip side, you've got a graet sense of humor and wit.
You're always dimplomatic and able to give good advice.

Souls you are most compatible with: Warrior Soul, Hunter Soul and Visionary Soul

You Are a Warrior Soul

You're a strong person and sometimes seen as intimidating.
You don't give up. You're committed and brave.
Truly adventuresome, you are not afraid of going to battle.
Extremely protective of loved ones, you root for the underdog.

You are picky about details and rigorous in your methods.
You also value honesty and fairness a great deal.
You can be outspoken, intimidating, headstrong, and demanding.
You're a hardliner who demands the best from themselves and others.

Souls you are most compatible with: Old Soul and Peacemaker Soul

The dog park

Last weekend I took Clancy to the dog water park. He is a water dog after all and I thought he might enjoy the water.....
Well, his ancestors were probably rolling over in their graves as he WOULD NOT go deeper than his knees....I was a bit embarrassed, to tell the truth...
So, we decided to go back this weekend on the off chance he might just like it this time...
My friend and I finally pushed him in over his head and VOILA! he is a Labrador after all!!!!! I was so proud of him.....I really need to get a life!!He fetched, the ball, sticks, other dogs....he was nondiscriminatory about what he was fetching....he had a BLAST!

After they swim, we take a walk around the dog park so they can dry off a little. All the dogs there sorta run in a pack and hang out....well....Clancy kinda likes to be top dog....we had a few times we had to remind him of his manners...but we left the dog park in disgrace anyway.....

He managed to run full tilt into a lady that appeared to be recovering from a stroke or something. Her big 90 lb German Shepard mix was chasing Clancy and Clancy ran right through her legs and down she went....not once but twice before I could catch him...thankfully I still had his leash on him but I couldn't believe he wouldn't stop---well, I can believe it I just don't want too!

Talk about embarrassing!!! Well, it will be a few more obedience lessons off leash before I will want to try that again.......and, yet....he had sooooo much fun.

The story of trying to be a responsible dog owner. I shudder to think what he would be like with someone less forceful than I!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Bad owner?

I became just like some of the parents I know and love.....
Clancy graduated from Beginner Obedience a diploma and everything... and then they suggested that he might need to take Beginner 1 again....
I thought about that for all of 2 seconds....heck no I said.. you passed him and I don't recall reading anything about "no dog left behind" so you MUST think he can do beginner obedience that's what we'll do thankyouverymuch.

We will see if I come out of this smelling like a rose or like the overachieving dog owner I want to be!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chinchilla escape

You will remember I am watching Chin the chinchilla for the daughter while she is at camp. Yesterday I cleaned out his condo cage. This involves me getting him into a different a big ball or his travel cage....all this is done without me actually touching him....he is after all a RODENT.......To be fair...I do let him walk up my arm..I can handle that but actually picking him up...not so much....he likes to be touched but not held....go figure....well....
I cleaned everything up, rearranged his levels so he gets more exercise and retrieved him from his ball and put him back in his condo and left to take Clancy to his graduation class.
Imagine my HORROR, while driving, when I remembered that I had opened the top of his condo and had not closed it..If I could have turned around I would've but I was almost to class.....4 frantic phone calls to neighbors later, I get the neighbor who is TERRIFIED of the Akita that I am babysitting....I BEGGED her to please go and at least close the bedroom door so Chin wasn't roaming throughout the upstairs......
A bottle of wine seems cheap at that price!! so, over she went and I get a phone call from her saying she got to the daughter's bedroom and as she started to walk into the room, here is this little furry thing looking at her...she screams and Chin takes off for under the bed...she slams the bedroom door shut and calls and leaves.....

I am sure all of you will sleep better tonight knowing that I was able to corner him into his cage when I got home.......I know I will be able to sleep better....

Puppy Graduation

Today is Clancy's graduation class for Beginner Obedience....

While we were driving I kept telling him that not all dogs get a diploma and not to be upset if/when they denied him a diploma....he seemed ok with that.....
and YET....
he came in 6 out of 6 dogs and they gave him a "CLANCY THE LABRADOR" has graduated to Beginner Obedience 2...

Well, just let me tell you how proud I am of THAT!!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

School's out!!!

Just keep humming the 60's's out for the summer....and you will know what I am doing!!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007


This is what we all felt like when we heard that Dan had a run in with an aluminum folding chair at school....We are thrilled he is ok but sorry about the loss of his little finger tip....never good to lose a body part.....

Good luck and whew.....what a baby and a lost body everyone can say that!

Friday, June 01, 2007

A new baby!!!

I am a great Aunt again!!!!......yeah for Teddy born May 30, 2007....
Congratulations to the new mommy and daddy....hope you get some good sleep!!
Here is where you go to see the newest addition to our family.