Saturday, June 23, 2007


It has been a few years since I was in a Bunco group....I had never heard of this game until I was asked to really is a fun, easy, relaxing game(especially if there is alcohol involved!). After the kids were out of junior high, the bunco group I was in dispersed. I didn't miss it that much as I also bowl and I was in 2 bridge groups.
Imagine my surprise when the bridge group I am currently in wanted to switch to BUNCO! for the summer instead of bridge...too much thinking in the heat???? not sure why..
Let me just tell you...there are no hard and fast rules in Bunco....not like bowling or bridge where it is pretty hard core and you need some talent or practice...not so in bunco...if you can roll the die you can play bunco and even if you can' big deal.
The problem, or at least the problem at tonight's bunco, was which rules do we follow? Because if there is one thing that I can tell you....there are numerous ways to play ...some examples...with 3 or 4 die....keeping track of any of the combinations of wins, loses, high points, low points, BUNCOS!, baby buncos or how many times you are at the Head Table.
I had fun regardless of how we decided to only suggestion was which ever way we decide to play, let's WRITE them down so we remember what we did the NEXT time we play!!!

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