Friday, June 22, 2007

Black dogs and amusement parks

I am NOT an Amusement Park girl...I get sea sick just thinking of the teacups--forget watching them....but I also have fear of physcis failing as you flip upside down and then the ride breaks and you are UPSIDE down...does not the law of gravity take over?? I am not willing to find out...even if I didn't get seasick watching rides...but when you hear this on the radio
"and in Kentucky, a 13 y/o girl had both her feet sliced off while on the Superman ride.....and they have closed this ride down at 4 other amusement parks....."
Ok....close them ALL down.....and gives me another reason to remember this blog "I knew someone who died that way".
This is one thing my sister and I have in common...the worry factor and the reminders of being careful...I mean...really...we lived with a policeman (dad) while growing up and then all 3 of us went into medicine at some level and you see SO many things that could happen...and do....I remind people that I live off the misfortune of others....husband being a doctor and all ... and there are ALOT of misfortunate some safety tips just come naturally...but if this ever happens to me and our
black lab and you read about me on the news...the rest of that story is
"...and the last you saw Clancy was as his owner chased him down the street....."

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Liz said...

I was stuck on a ride at a carnival, and yes it was upside down We were in one of those "cage" ferris wheel rides, except the door was open. I was stuck in there with my brother-in-law. It was not pleasant, for sooooo many reasons.