Monday, June 25, 2007

Concert in the park

Saturday we went to a concert in the park.....It is an outdoor area with a covered pavilion and grass for lawn seating...we usually go once a summer and we decided to go with a group I work with..we picked a convenient day...not really paying any attention to who was playing...Everyone that comes is good. We love jazz...and that's what we thought we were going to listen to.....The Chicago Symphony Orchestra plays here in the summer so how bad can it be?
I will pay closer attention next year....I really didn't like
CONGO SQUARE ----it is exactly what you think it is..........
The beating of congo drums and chanting of african somethings....
Opera, ok
classical, ok
rock, ok
jazz, ok
odadahh...not so much....the congo drums gave me quite a headache....
Thank heavens the company was good.

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Peter said...

Thanks Neva for visting my blogs. I just preprared an answer, when I saw that you had managed by yourself. Yes, I have made a pure photo blog, where I put in some additional photos that are not so clearly exposed on what I would call my "main blog".

This gave me the pleasure to visit yours! Nice and interesting!!

When it comes to music, I would always try to listen to ANY music!
You may have seen on my blog that we had a "Fête de la Musique" in Paris - and all over France and a lot of other places - June 21. There were thousand of "concerts" all over the place, the streets, places and the metro were crowded with happy people - and you could listen to all kinds of music!

Like you, I hesitated a lot before starting blogging some three months ago. I enjoy it a lot... but it takes time!