Monday, July 30, 2007

Visiting Dogs

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I have 2 visitors....we are having a sleepover with the Akita/Lab mix(Nicki) and an evening visit (doggy play dates...who knew?) with Emma, the springer spaniel......isn't it amazing that they know where I keep the dog treats? And how patient they are! lol

Friday, July 27, 2007

How do you lose a........

I have two items I am missing....How does one lose a 6 ft vacuum cleaner hose that is used every week? I went to vacuum with the hose attachment and wonder of is not where it belongs(in the closest with the vacuum cleaner). When I tell you I have torn the house upside down looking for it, it is not much of an husband swears I threw it out.....threw it out????? an item I CLEAN with???? not in this lifetime, baby. He swears I just don't remember where I put it....ok, how hard is it to locate a 6 ft hose EVEN if, for some reason, I didn't put it away?...and the last I checked, I didn't have Alzheimer's......or any reason to believe it might be setting in. I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating this is....I even went so far as to ask the 24 y/o son if (and this would qualify as a miracle ) he had used it to clean his car out....the only way it could have come close to the trash can.....he said no....I believe him only because I have seen his car.....
The other item is my battery charger for my digital camera....It is always by the computer and I put the battery in to recharge once a week...sometimes more... sometimes, yesterday I went to recharge my battery for my camera so I can take some pictures (for my other blog....Inverness, Il (USA) Daily Photo)and IT is nowhere to be found.....again.....something I use a lot and no, I wouldn't "throw it out" (from the husband again!). I will admit to throwing things out that aren't important....some stuff he might have needed or wanted....but, in general, I don't throw that much away.....
I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating this is not being able to find the 2 items I not only use but need.....and , of course, now that I can't find the hose to the vacuum, I can only think of 100 uses for it....... annoying.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the musical aunt....

It may surprise no one more than me that I have used my musical ability...what it an adult. I play the piano..not well, the cello...not well anymore...used to play the clarinet and saxophone (tenor). I sang in high school. I still play the piano but only for my own enjoyment. I can sight read very the point that I won't practice cause I never get much better than the original sight reading.....I used to play the cello with my son and nephew when they were 10 and 11, I played with my niece and other nephew when they were on the violin....I played for my niece at a family wedding reception, I played for my nephew when he got married (that was hard because I was crying). I play at Christmas, I play for my nephew who is studying opera sometimes as accompaniment for the family...I have another nephew getting married in Sept. and I am playing a song for their wedding breakfast....ok--really I won't be playing...but I will be playing before then when we all practice together. Who new that out of all the things I did as a kid that the very thing I was only so so at (both of my sisters played waaaayyy better than me) would turn out to be so special to me?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Charley and Mom at Lowe's

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I know I should've felt the earth move the moment I entered Lowe's....I had to take a picture just to prove I was there. We were waiting for Charley to find what he needed in the plywood section....he didn't...we had to go to 84 lumber....another store you won't catch me in normally but I didn't have my camera! Look way in the back....he is the one with the white hat on.
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Friday, July 20, 2007


I was out yesterday and ran into someone I see about once a month. We chatted and as I left, her comment was how nice it was to see me looking so nice. ??? was all I could think ( I was not dressed up....just some capris and a t-shirt--what I usually wear) and said as much to her...She said..oh no...she meant because I had on lipstick. Oh, I in my car and immediately checked...yep still had lipstick on.....

cause, people, I NEVER go out without lipstick....NEVER. My one girlfriend (who I went to Paris with) laughs and says that if I were stranded on a desert island, I would never have sunburned lips because I have lipstick in every pocket I ever wear....can't be with out it...guess I will make sure when I see my other friend again that I have on the correct COLOR next time.........

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Neva and the dogs...Tessie and Clancy

A good friend of mine does dog pictures on the side. Here is one she took of Tessie and Clancy....Clancy was not that interested and neither was Tessie...they were both trying to pull away---the opposite ways!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Clancy and his pillows

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I know, I are tired of hearing dog/puppy stories but what can I do? We took the gate down from the family room so Clancy could get used to being in that room.....He has decided that ALL the pillows on the couches are matter how many times I take them away from him...he retrieves them....again....I looked up from doing something on the computer, and here he was with all his pillows surrounding him.....I thought it was pretty funny.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Who's taller?

It isn't often that you have to decide who is taller by putting a shoe on top of your head! We had a party for the nephew and his fiance(with the shoe!) yesterday.....I now know why the bride looks like she belongs to our family...her dad(the one with the beard) is as tall as my husband.(the oldest of 10- and the tallest at 6'7"..)It is a photo finish as to who really is taller but my husband swears he is!
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Arby's Drive thru

While at Arby's drive-thru I heard a horn beeping. I looked one I knew....but the horn kept I put by head out to see who it was. This lady (who was violently waving her hand trying to get my attention) said:
..."Hi Neva!! do you remember me? I met you in a Walmart check out line when I was pregnant 5 years ago and we started talking...I saw your name and LOVED it. I had a little girl and I named her Neva...I am so happy to see you..I see you all over town(my license plate has my name on it). Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.. we love her name!!! Have a nice day".

Believe me when I tell you that even for me that was a strange encounter....and , NO, I don't remember her....I talk to a lot of people I don't know!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A new home


This birdhouse was a gift I won at a bridal has been sitting in a box for a few years...When my Hollyhocks bloomed, I remembered the bird house matches them so I put it out in the garden as decoration.....the wrens(I think) have decided to make a home out of it. I am amazed....(Look very closely as the opening of this birdhouse and you will see a bird going in).
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Monday, July 09, 2007

A Lawn Ornament

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Husband: "Honey?"
me: "yes, dear?"
Husband:"When can I expect the Jockey to arrive?"
me: "*sigh*"

Guess you can tell....he is not a big fan of the lawn ornament!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What's in a name...a DOG name?

I was chatting with my girlfriend about dog names(Hi Liz)and she commented that we hadn't named our dogs doggie names but people names....I thought about that and guess I never gave it any thought before. We have had 5 dogs. Molly, the basset hound, Chelsea, the chocolate lab, Mason , the yellow lab German Shepard mix, Tessie the current Chocolate Lab and Clancy, the black lab puppy...None of those are doggie Rover or Spike or Killer or Fido. I have never met a dog with any of those names. Liz said one of their beagles was named Rover.....seems appropriate for a beagle...rovers that they are! Other dog names I know:
Tara(pronounced TAR.....a not TEAR....a) soft coated wheaton terrier
Lady-sister's beagle(RIP)
Lucy-sister's current beagle
Tasha-mother's dog lab, German Shepard mutt(RIP)
Ginger- current mother's dog WV coon hound... you don't want one of these...really
Viper-friend's French Briard(they name their dogs after sports cars)
Porshe-friend's other French Briard
Gryffindor-neighbor's Bernese Mountain Dog...awesome name for him BTW
Lucky-BIL's mutt in Texas...closest to a dog name on the list!
Baily-neighbor's golden retriever
Emma-neighbor's basset hound
Josie-MIL's lab mix that is no longer with us(RIP)
Casey-other sister's dog
Wrigley-neighbor's beagle(does this come close to a doggie name?)
Houston-neighbor's beagle (RIP)
Princess-neighbor's Cavaliar-a perfect name for this dog
Kava-friend's St. Bernard(RIP)
Charlie=friend's new puppy labrodoodle
Mia-friend's golden retriever
I am sure there are other dog names I am forgetting but you get my drift...
not a Killer or a Fido amongst where did those names come from and why do we not name them those names?
Is it because we don't live in the south where dogs names are:
Die-doe(pronounced just like it is written BTW)
and Missy- the beagle I grew up with...not really a dog's name either come to think of give me your best dog name if I haven't mentioned it!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday morning coffee

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My sister in law and I came home with this as a souvenir from the Grand Canyon. Sitting out in my gazebo...on my new lawn furniture....I just really liked the way the sun hit this with the reflection on the table. Reminds me of how much fun we had in Arizona....a place I will go again!