Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Clancy and his pillows

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I know, I are tired of hearing dog/puppy stories but what can I do? We took the gate down from the family room so Clancy could get used to being in that room.....He has decided that ALL the pillows on the couches are matter how many times I take them away from him...he retrieves them....again....I looked up from doing something on the computer, and here he was with all his pillows surrounding him.....I thought it was pretty funny.


Lori said...

Very cute!

Mamaw said...

How long before he decides to eat them?

I took Ginger to the kennel for an overnight stay Tuesday so I could get my hair done in peace, and go out to dinner that evening, also, in peace. When I picked her up on Wed. morning, she was pooped, and has been laying around for two days. I had to give her a bath because she always stinks after a stay there. She has plenty of dogs to play with there. I think the owner matches her up with ones close to her size. She was playing with a doberman pup when I dropped her off. She shakes like a leaf during her bath. I should have let her watch Clancy so she could see how much fun it could be.

Sonia said...

He looks so cute!