Saturday, February 14, 2009

Parenting...not for the faint of heart

If you are squeamish, you might not want to look at the pictures I am going to post.
Shannon is traveling with a friend and they decided to stop in Chiang Mai, Thailand and do a Thai massage class for a few weeks. Shannon called the other evening and we had a conversation that went something like this.....

Shannon.."all is good now....but I had a hole in my leg. I can tell you now because it is all better. I have been to the hospital and been on 2 courses of antibiotics and the hole in my leg is only a scab now."

Shannon: "Really, mom, that is why I didn't call sooner...I didn't want you to worry. It really is all better now. I will send you a newer picture than these."


Shannon..."Really I am fine...don't worry. I have moved out the hovel I was staying in so I am in a clean place now and it is finally almost healed."

Me..."what-were-you-on, how-long-were-you-on-it,how-did-this-happen, when-do-you-see-the doctor again, why-didn't-you-call sooner.what do you mean you moved OUT OF A HOVEL!!!!?"

Shannon.."this is why I didn't tell you sooner. You are such a worrier...really, all is good. I will send you a newer picture next week when I can upload photos again.
Love you and talk to you soon.
OH and by the way...I am going to India in 2 weeks. Why don't you come over for spring break?"

I ask look at the photos and tell me if I overreacted.......

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Meet Taylor and goddaughter's twins, born on Dec. 31. My goddaughter is also a twin. They are very very tiny but very healthy....I thought it was cute how they sleep with their heads off to the side.....probably how they were in the womb....
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Sunday, February 01, 2009


I am a coach for Scholastic Bowl(Academic Team) at the school where I work. I have done this for 7 years. This year, the Varsity is what I like to call "my dream team" is the first team I tried out as Freshman and picked and turned out....I may not ever qualify to play the game....... but I DO know how to pick the people that can. True, I am the Frosh/Soph coach but they start with me and then move up to Varsity when they are Juniors. Yesterday was my birthday and we had games all day.  
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My kids(Varsity and Frosh/Soph) got me a birthday cake with our emblem on it(the photo aboe is the back of my shirt)....and me without my camera. It only occurred to me later that I could've used my cell phone camera....duh.The good news is that Varsity and Frosh/Soph are currently in First place in our league (consisting of 10 schools) and Frosh/Soph went undefeated yesterday......a very satisfying day....even if I did turn the speed limit (55 for those of you that are thinking some OTHER speed limit!!)
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