Sunday, April 26, 2009

A new Car!

I apolgize for not blogging more recently but we have been spending all our free time searching for a new car for son #2--his first BIG purchase on his own. The car we inherited from my mom after my dad died, has finally given it up at 200,000 miles (although for those of you that know the husband...he is not sure it is dead yet)and this was the car that he was driving. Everyone should have the experience of car shopping....especially with someone who is 6'7" makes car shopping a whole new ball game. The men in this family have to try on cars like most people try on shoes. Also, son #2 is not easily swayed to a car salesman point of view. In the time that it took him to think about his options (not many I might add....a '07 Hyundi Azera-too expensive, a 06 Nissam Maxima..same problem a 07 Chevy Impala and a 08 Ford Taurus)--I could have been talked into 4 other cars in a half a heart beat!!!
He finally decided on the 08 Ford as he got the best deal and it had the least amount of miles and better warranty.
This is it and he is very happy.....and I can now go back and spend my free time blogging!
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