Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A visit to the vet

Clancy had his very important visit to the vet today to have his "private parts" altered....or to what I fondly refer to "having his nuts removed". When I went to pick him up, the 3 girls behind the desk breathed a happy sigh that I was there.
ME: "Is he ready to go?"
THEM:'WE'RE ready for him to go"
This could be because he was barking his fool head off....mind you, he does not bark here very much.....he will but not for very long....
I guess he had been barking since he woke up!
Obviously no problem from the anesthesia!
We came home with a long list of running, no playing, no eating a full meal til the next day, no stitches to remove(he has glue on a very tiny incision) but check his incision, and other things.
Now I ask , does this look like a puppy that listened to the directions?

For all of about one nano second.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

pre beginner doggie school

Clancy has been promoted to pre beginner doggie school. What is this you might ask?

Just what it says.... a pre beginner class where we go to a class with 6 other dogs and try to teach these little hyper doggie/puppie brains to pay attention long enough to learn something.
When Clancy isn't jumping around like a kangaroo....he actually does ok. Definitely needs to be doing something.

His new thing is getting the newspaper from the front yard.......He is a retriever after of the things we have to work on for doggie obedience is a "gift" or "special" thing that your little puppy/doggie does. It can be shaking paw, rolling over, sitting up, anything you think others in your class would think was "cute". Personally, do I really care???? nope, but if I want to be part of the class our "cute" little thing that we will work on to show off in 8 weeks is this retrieving of the paper. How hard can this be for a retriever???

Well, only as hard as you think it is for him to actually RETRIEVE it back to us.

Thursday, February 22, 2007



You can have them come in and out of your life-

some of them start as family and become the very bestest of your friends-
others start as the very bestest of friends and then fall by the wayside.

I read a great email this week about friends and it just got me thinking about friends.
I have good friends and I think I am a good friend....or at least I try to be.
2 things happened this last week with my friends.
I saw 2 friends of mine that I hadn't seen in over 7 years.
The beauty of this is it was like we just saw each other yesterday and we were up to speed pretty darn quick.
Geographically, we are far apart and we now work, our kids are older and life just happened and years went by. I would say these are not only seasonal friends but lifetimers as well. I was glad we were able to reconnect and had so much to say. I know it meant as much to them as to me. That's why I love these friends.

You know that I lost my cell phone...

This was a disaster for me.

Losing the numbers in my cell phone felt like I lost all my friends.

This really bummed me out.

Then my wonderful sisterinlaw did the sweetest thing....

She sent me phone numbers she thought I might want/need.

Now THAT is a friend......a bestest of friends!!!

I know I can never replace all my numbers and I should write them on paper as a backup but that she did this for me.....well,

it made my day.

Thanks, Kath.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day!!!!

Ok so on top of losing the cell phone (sad sigh here)
we have a SNOW DAY today....yeah!!!

Of course I am not sure WHY we have a snow day...they should call it a WIND day...
Granted, there is snow in the air(a very little) and snow on the ground(from yesterday) but really ..... not enough for a TRUE snow day.
But I'll bet the students aren't so worried about that.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cell Phone Bummer

A disaster...

See the picture?

that is where my cell phone has gone...

la la land.....cell phone heaven....

it just
vaporized, it's gone, never to be seen again....

it just disappeared from my car

(more likely, it fell out into the snow)

I needed a new phone anyway but I am so PISSED that I have lost ALL my phone numbers....

my life is flashing before me.....

OMG.....cell phone withdrawal....

(I know there are worse things in the world to be upset over but right now I am focusing on this.....)


I have to go lay down....

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ticket Taker

One of things I do is sell tickets for the football and basketball games of the school I work for. Although I do get paid to do it, one has to volunteer to do it ..and then you get paid...a nominal fee I might add.

I have done this off and on over the years...mostly because my good friend used to be in charge and I wanted to be helpful when they couldn't find anyone who wanted to sell tickets because they wanted to either watch the game or stay warm (if it was for football).

One of the nice things about doing this is I get to meet other people I work with but not have had an opportunity to get to know very get to know people pretty well when you sit together for 4 hours every Friday night.

We have decided that we are AMAZED at what people will say to get out of paying to enter the game. Here are some examples( and believe me when I tell you this is just the TIP of the comments):

"You mean it's not free?"

"I paid last week"

"The coach said I could"

"I am on the list"(hard to do as we HAVE no list)

" I paid last week"

"I am working the concession stand"(this is usually said right before halftime and they are all there BEFORE the game)

"I am with the band(which has already played)"

but my favorite is

"I am here to scout"(and the reason you can't tell me which school you are with is?????")

so-if you feel the need to stiff us on the $4,$3,or $2 ticket, go for it....I am not your moral conscious but those little dumplings standing next to you are watching how you do things and THAT is what you are teaching them.

Enjoy the game.