Thursday, February 22, 2007



You can have them come in and out of your life-

some of them start as family and become the very bestest of your friends-
others start as the very bestest of friends and then fall by the wayside.

I read a great email this week about friends and it just got me thinking about friends.
I have good friends and I think I am a good friend....or at least I try to be.
2 things happened this last week with my friends.
I saw 2 friends of mine that I hadn't seen in over 7 years.
The beauty of this is it was like we just saw each other yesterday and we were up to speed pretty darn quick.
Geographically, we are far apart and we now work, our kids are older and life just happened and years went by. I would say these are not only seasonal friends but lifetimers as well. I was glad we were able to reconnect and had so much to say. I know it meant as much to them as to me. That's why I love these friends.

You know that I lost my cell phone...

This was a disaster for me.

Losing the numbers in my cell phone felt like I lost all my friends.

This really bummed me out.

Then my wonderful sisterinlaw did the sweetest thing....

She sent me phone numbers she thought I might want/need.

Now THAT is a friend......a bestest of friends!!!

I know I can never replace all my numbers and I should write them on paper as a backup but that she did this for me.....well,

it made my day.

Thanks, Kath.

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