Saturday, February 24, 2007

pre beginner doggie school

Clancy has been promoted to pre beginner doggie school. What is this you might ask?

Just what it says.... a pre beginner class where we go to a class with 6 other dogs and try to teach these little hyper doggie/puppie brains to pay attention long enough to learn something.
When Clancy isn't jumping around like a kangaroo....he actually does ok. Definitely needs to be doing something.

His new thing is getting the newspaper from the front yard.......He is a retriever after of the things we have to work on for doggie obedience is a "gift" or "special" thing that your little puppy/doggie does. It can be shaking paw, rolling over, sitting up, anything you think others in your class would think was "cute". Personally, do I really care???? nope, but if I want to be part of the class our "cute" little thing that we will work on to show off in 8 weeks is this retrieving of the paper. How hard can this be for a retriever???

Well, only as hard as you think it is for him to actually RETRIEVE it back to us.

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