Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Hyper Puppy"

I had an interesting experience this week.
Since we have this new puppy (who had doubled his size in 5 wks) and seems to be VERY active we (I) enrolled him in puppy class.
Now, we have done this with the last 2 dogs we have big go, they play, you watch, you chat, you leave...or so I thought.

Nope, this puppy class needs to meet you and your pupppy and then decide which puppy class is for you.
I spent an hour and a half with the puppy school being "observed" (They call it a consultation .... I called it....well, never mind what I called it!!)
After the first 10 minutes of being observed by no less than 3 trainers.... they looked at me and said"
"meet the definition of hyper" and pointed to my puppy.

This was not a surprise to me in the least...I mean.....why am I at puppy school anyway????

It turns out, this is a puppy that needs something to do....besides the carrying off of the shoes, the puppy mouthing, the harrassing of the 11 y/o dog that also lives here.....

So, off to puppy class on Sat...and the son had to take him as the husband and I were unavailable.

When asked how the puppy class went, the response was "ok". So a more specific question..."how did Clancy do, was he well behaved?"

"Well, they used him as the example of what you don't want your puppy to do(mouthing) and they also used him as the model to run through the cloth tunnels (as he has no fear of things that move)"
"how'd that go for him?"
"Pretty good...but they want to move him to obedience school to keep him busy...."

So is it a good thing to be a puppy school reject?


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Orthopeadic shoes-part II

I know this will surprise almost none of you.....but.....I seem to have LOST my new orthopeadic shoes. NO , I did NOT intentionally lose them...I just can't find them...even cleaned out a few closets and cars looking for them. I thought I took them off and put them up in the closet so Clancy(the new puppy) wouldn't get them but now I can't find them. The husband did finally ask why I wasn't wearing them and I had to tell him that I couldn't find them..

husband "*sigh*...You lost them on purpose."
me--"no, really, I think I'll find them soon. Let me check the closet upstairs"
husband "*sigh*...that is the LAST time I go shoe shopping with you"

Like once every 30 years will kill him to go shopping with me ...for shoes or anything else.