Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A visit to the vet

Clancy had his very important visit to the vet today to have his "private parts" altered....or to what I fondly refer to "having his nuts removed". When I went to pick him up, the 3 girls behind the desk breathed a happy sigh that I was there.
ME: "Is he ready to go?"
THEM:'WE'RE ready for him to go"
This could be because he was barking his fool head off....mind you, he does not bark here very much.....he will but not for very long....
I guess he had been barking since he woke up!
Obviously no problem from the anesthesia!
We came home with a long list of running, no playing, no eating a full meal til the next day, no stitches to remove(he has glue on a very tiny incision) but check his incision, and other things.
Now I ask , does this look like a puppy that listened to the directions?

For all of about one nano second.

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