Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What's in a name...a DOG name?

I was chatting with my girlfriend about dog names(Hi Liz)and she commented that we hadn't named our dogs doggie names but people names....I thought about that and guess I never gave it any thought before. We have had 5 dogs. Molly, the basset hound, Chelsea, the chocolate lab, Mason , the yellow lab German Shepard mix, Tessie the current Chocolate Lab and Clancy, the black lab puppy...None of those are doggie names...like Rover or Spike or Killer or Fido. I have never met a dog with any of those names. Liz said one of their beagles was named Rover.....seems appropriate for a beagle...rovers that they are! Other dog names I know:
Tara(pronounced TAR.....a not TEAR....a) soft coated wheaton terrier
Lady-sister's beagle(RIP)
Lucy-sister's current beagle
Tasha-mother's dog lab, German Shepard mutt(RIP)
Ginger- current mother's dog WV coon hound... you don't want one of these...really
Viper-friend's French Briard(they name their dogs after sports cars)
Porshe-friend's other French Briard
Gryffindor-neighbor's Bernese Mountain Dog...awesome name for him BTW
Lucky-BIL's mutt in Texas...closest to a dog name on the list!
Baily-neighbor's golden retriever
Emma-neighbor's basset hound
Josie-MIL's lab mix that is no longer with us(RIP)
Casey-other sister's dog
Wrigley-neighbor's beagle(does this come close to a doggie name?)
Houston-neighbor's beagle (RIP)
Princess-neighbor's Cavaliar-a perfect name for this dog
Kava-friend's St. Bernard(RIP)
Charlie=friend's new puppy labrodoodle
Mia-friend's golden retriever
I am sure there are other dog names I am forgetting but you get my drift...
not a Killer or a Fido amongst them...so where did those names come from and why do we not name them those names?
Is it because we don't live in the south where dogs names are:
Die-doe(pronounced just like it is written BTW)
and Missy- the beagle I grew up with...not really a dog's name either come to think of it....so give me your best dog name if I haven't mentioned it!


Liz said...

I forgot to tell you and Tina about these two, JoJo and Freddie. JoJo was one we had to put to sleep on Christams day.(One of the worst days of our life.) We got them from Beagle Rescue and they came named. BOTH ARE FEMALES. They were four months old and came from a little old couple in Sun City. They thought they would stay puppy sized. Their loss, our gain.

Our current male dog, Bruno, is a dog name, and has a great story behind it, which I promise to blog about.

Neva said...

Awesome....boy names for girl dogs...gotta love that!

MotherOf3Guys said...

My neighbor has a dog named Skippy (which I think sounds like a boy name) and the dog is female. Pretty much a dog name but has that twist with the boy/girl thing. They have a list of the most common dog names here: http://www.geocities.com/dog_names/most_popular_dog_names.html
Kinda interesting what is popular!

GR8UMPS3 said...


yep we had a FARFLE. Thanks to the oldest Sister.

Neva said...

I can't believe I forgot FARFLE the daschund with the bad back...that was a looonnngg time ago....wow

mother of little Teddy said...

We've got Maddy, or Madison if she's in trouble. In the neighborhood we have a family who has a child named Maddie (for Madelyn) and a dog named Eddy. So between the two families we now have: Maddy, Maddie, Eddy, and Teddy...all great names!

Jill said...

As I child, all of my cats had pet names: Dino, Muffy, Flopsey, Lucky, Frisky, Saucy, etc. I guess the times are a changin', because here are the names of our present neighborhood pooches:

Toby - Mutt
Bailey - Beagle
Cleo - Bassett Hound (RIP)
Percy - Pug (named after the pug in Disney's Pocahantas)
Samantha a/k/a Sammy - Jack Russell
Bridget (Sammy's daughter) - Jack Russell
Kimberly - Skipperkee
Spencer - Dalmation
Gigi - Westy
Max - Scotty
Buddy - Shitzu
Tyler - Golden Retriever (RIP, but who walked himself with the leash loop in his mouth - too impressive not to mention)
Tucker - Golden Retriever
Riley - Golden Retriever
Homer - Golden Retriever...whose name is quite appropriate because we are always sending this troublemaker H-O-M-E!
Munson - Chocolate Lab (named after Munson Chocolates)
Hershey - Chocolate Lab

Bambi - my childhood beagle/cocker spaniel mix (RIP...I still miss you!)

And, our favorite, Brenna, our little, sable Cocker Spaniel that we could not live without!!!

As you can see, our neighborhood has definitely "gone to the dogs"! (and there are still about 6 or 7 that I don't know.)

Fun post...keep writing!!!

P.S. My daughters wanted me to mention that all of our cats are/have been named people names too!
Tessie - RIP
Kirby - RIP
Jamie - RIP
Lindsey - RIP
Casey - RIP
Tara (as in Gone With the Wind) - our 7 year old tabby

Neva said...

Jill, What a great response! Love the names!Come visit again!

Raindrops said...

We have a female dog and she is called Pippin (but also gets called Pip). When I was growing up we had two lovely male mongrel dogs called sooty and sweep. A friend of mine has a Scottie dog and he is called porridge. Tricia

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