Monday, November 27, 2006

Shopping with my husband or how I ended up with Orthopeadic shoes-

I will admit that I love to whine.

Sometimes it is just a past time or to see if anyone will listen....but mostly I do it to annoy the husband.....especially if it is about something I know he knows something about.

Truly, I am ok with that.

I have plantar comes and goes.
He knows something about this....all those years of education I guess!!!
Usually, it is not so bad.
...but I have been wearing some very pretty shoes that aggravate it so after church yesterday we went shoe shopping together(what ??? you thought that crack of lightning was all about the weather??? think again!!)
We went to a place that specializes in
1) Very expensive shoes
3) Very comfortable shoes
4) Fits orthotics
Just where you want to go and buy shoes-if you are a retired nun with gnarly feet and need those lovely orthopeadic shoes

Here is a picture of what he thought I might wear:

we finally compromised on these:
(Look at the picture--it is called a santorini)

Actually, they are pretty comfortable....considering he dissed over 40 pairs of shoes I am happy I am not wearing the nun shoes..although I have been told "you don't follow directions well"
Duh ---really???
and this is new news????

so, I was quite happy just complaining...


.....but I will let you know if it helps with my plantar fasciitis


Grumpy Ump said...

I am so confused... you say "the husband.....especially if it is about something I know he knows something about.

What does he know about shoes? Oh wait! you meant that other "plantar fasciitis" thingy..

Well I have to give him kudos for SHOE SHOPPING WITH THE WIFE what a concept! that is almost like BRA SHOPPING WITH THE WIFE.

I could not EVER go shoe shopping with the wife and make decisions as to what shoes she should buy. WOW I even have a headache thinking that I could even think that.

After all I have worn the same style shoe for about 10 years.. I found a style that is comfy, and you don't have to go look for anything else. Just get me a new pair of these.. so easy.

but what do I know about shoes... nothing about why the spouse has to have 62 styles of shoes, or why she has shoes in the closet, perfectly fine, but still need another pair..

MotherOf3Guys said...

I heard the lightening!!! We are definitely related! I almost rolled out of my chair laughing at the shoes your husband picked out!!! Men just don't get the shoe thing (or the shopping thing) but I would have given all the tea in China to have seen the "compromise" discussion. I give the husband big marks on going shoe shopping but you're a braver woman than I am to try that. Good thing you didn't go with the "husband's choice shoe"....that nun would have been really disappointed!

neva said...

You have to understand that he TELLS people what kind of shoes to wear to relieve their foot pain. It was his suggestion to go shopping for about a momentous occassion!!!! I on the other hand, was dreading each and every moment of that experience...and yes you should have been there for the compromise conversation. Does "why do I try to tell you things?" sound familiar? or the "did you Want my opinion or not?" I will let the reader deduce what some of my answers were.:)