Monday, August 13, 2007

Almost the whole fam Damily

This is our portrait at camp. Many of you know who we are but for those of you who don' goes.The number after some names indicates what number in the line up of 10 children they are. (6 of the 10 kids were at camp)
Back row standing: Johannes, Fred(6), Kevin, Janet(7), Brenda, Matthew
Standing in front of Fred: Kathleen(2),Kieran, Frances, Gean, Douglas
Sitting by herself:Sheila(10)
Sitting on bench: Ellen(9),Motherinlaw with baby Mina,Avis(my mom), Me(neva), Shannon, Charley(1)
on the deck:Kelly, AnnaMay, Colin.
And another break down for those that are curious...Sheila and Johannes, AnnaMay, Frances and Mina; Fred and Gean, Douglas, Kelly; Janet and Kevin, Brenda, Matthew, Colin; Ellen and Kieran; Charley and Neva, Shannon; Kathleen had none of her kids here. Hope this was a reminder for you, mom!Just imagine trying to figure out which kid goes with what parent if you haven't seen the kids before or their parents for 30 did an amazing job remembering and she for sure has Kevin and Janet's kids in order!!!! It was a great week at camp and if you weren't missed a fun week. Looking forward to next year!

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