Monday, August 27, 2007

Clancy and Gryffindor

This post is especially for my blogger friend JoAnn. This is the Bernese Mountain Dog, Gryffindor, that lives across the street from me and, of course, Clancy. They are both having a fabulous time. Gryff is about 5 and he wore out pretty fast after this picture!


quintino said...

That´s what I call having some good dog time!

Peter said...

Wonderful to see how dogs can play around, especially if they have some space! I used to have a dog also, but now I live in a flat in a big city and I wish to travel... but sometimes I really wish I had one again, e.g. when I see this kind of picture!

JoAnn-NL "Through my Dutch eyes" :) said...

Ohh Neva,

THANK YOU again for this post!!!!
OOOww I love the Bernese mountain dog : Gryffindor 'HUGH'( of course mine is on!!too)But Clancy is sweet also. My Ios (bernese M Dog) is 8 years and 2 months now.

We go with her to the doctor (VET) thsi thursday for her 2H inhection in her bones, the poor dog :( But SHE is always happy, its an AWSOME dog!

THANKYOU aagain and I gave you a Thankyou award on my yesterday's post for this (and other) animals-loving pic's.

"When you'r good for dogs (and other animals) you are good as a person", thats my believe

Anonymous said...

beautiful dogs. I have a GSD and love him.


JoAnn-NL Dutch-English :) said...

Hi Neva, Yeh ehhhh hmmmm SORRY, but here I am again; couse YOU made me curious about the following: (that all because of that REDHAIRED COW!!! :)

"YOU heard on Tv(which of course is so very accurate!lol) that natural redheads are on their way to extinction due to intermarriages with people of black hair gene pools. They suggested that natural redheads need to marry natural redheads but that doesn't seem to be happening..."

My question is now:
"what happens when I marry a man with white hair? such as mine :) yeh ehhh worng genes and than WHAT HAPPENS????" :)

Thanks for commenting!
Love this blog toooooo!!!!!


I wait for answers!

CG said...

What lovely dogs...great names too!

JoAnn-NL Dutch-English :) said...

Hi Neva
(answer on your comment 'see my blog')

"Hmmmmm Neva I surely did marry a 'white hair' out of love... :) ehhhh Blush :) wink ;)

What a discussion and THAT all because of this 'RED Haired cow' Hahahaha! "

JoAnn (how cute you are!!!!!!)
:) :) :) :)hahahahaha!!!

JoAnn-NL from Holland :) said...

Hi Neva,
Me again :)

Today (wednesday) I posted a pic of IOS , while we were camping

:) JoAnn

Liz said...

Dogs are God's way showing that she is the source of all love and humor.

Mandy said...

lovely looking dogs