Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Girl Club!!!!

The last night of camp 3 of my nieces came to our cabin for a sleepover/girl club. This was instigated by the 2 younger nieces who wanted to spend time with the 2 older girl cousins....Why not at my place? I had 4 empty beds. We spent a lot of that day playing beauty shop (I braided their hair) and I did manicures and pedicures on them so the evening they came over we were going to giggle and laugh and play cards. Well, some how we started with the younger ones giving the older ones a back rub. The older girl in pink shorts fell asleep pretty quickly and the rest of us chatted until the wee hours....We had a lot of fun! Can't wait to do it again next year! And, yes, we all ended up with either pink or orange toenails. Fun, fun fun.


tukikage said...

A visit, comment, thank you again.

In Japan, I greeted morning now.  Hot sunlight glares from morning. which falls

35 Heat to spend more than temperature degrees continues every day.

Autumn comes and waits to cool early. which falls

Get on the load-carrying platform of the bicycle which I get on cheerfully without an obstacle dog, the name of the dog losing a baron, heat; and...

I go to the park which there is near for the walk of the dog.

For heat, the use of the wheelchair of the dog reduces a number in the park.

By the way, the river of the photograph of your blog,

I was able to understand was embraced by the man of adult, explaining it child, being your niece.

Furthermore, your child, two people, and it is with a university student university of Beijing and Chicago are promising.

Is what the name of a black dog calls him...?

A photograph of children is very lively and looks happy.

I became happy to me.

I live in Japanese Kyushu, Kitakyuushuu-shi.

16 As for me, the work is closed today for days. I will go for work tomorrow.

With you, keeping company is made of blog and feels glad.  Thank you.

Liz said...

You obviously are the favorite aunt, and I can see why.

tukikage said...

It is so. The name of my dog says a baron.

Unlike that place, summer of Chicago, Japan, a climate seems to be good.

Sleep contains Chicago from now on now in shin ..., Japan by morning. Good night.

eduardo waghorn said...

Hey, thatnk you for your letter, and for telling me about this blog too...I can see it is a very personal one, so I thank you because your trust.
Into my blog there's an automnatic translator,you have to search it at the right side of it; agree , not a perfect translation, but at least you can understand the core idea.
A hug from Chile, lets be in touch...