Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tim Hortons Coffee


I posted a coffee shop on my other blog not too long ago and mentioned that I wasn't a big fan of Starbucks.....WAY too bitter for me...I don't care how rich the guy is he doesn't appeal to my tastes. One of my fellow Daily Photo bloggers mentioned that he prefers Tim Hortons that is like Starbucks in Canada. For the fun of it, I looked to see if they sold Tim Hortons in the USA. Well, imagine my surprise that not only do they sell it, there is a Tim Hortons in my hometown of St. Albans, West Virginia. Of all places. Not one in Illinois...or anywhere close...but there are quite a few in Michigan. If I had only known I could've picked some coffee up in Michigan instead of having my mom send me a can from St. Albans. It has arrived and I'll be the first to tell you that this is GOOD coffee. Thanks North Bay Daily Photo. I appreciate the tip...and thanks mom for finding it, buying it and sending it! I'll share if anyone wants a cup!
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Liz said...

My mom said I don't like coffee, I like cream and sugar. My coffee is famously weak so I brew one cup at a time. Gary's coffee is coffee/furnisher stripper, which has come in quite handy during all the remodeling.

I have heard that Tim Horton's coffee is quite wonderful. I bet you could buy it online.

I am shcoked that people would spend $5 a day, or more, on Starbucks. I can think of others things to do with $100 a month.

NorthBayPhoto said...

Glad you liked the coffee. Sounds like you might have your mom shipping coffee to you on a regular basis!! Sorry if I got you addicted to Timmys!! LOL

quintino said...

Miss Neva, my friend... I don´t know anything about Starbuck´s or Horton´s taste, but let me tell you those italian guys of Segrafredo make a hell of a cofee. And Buondi also.
I love those expresso´s. And also a huge cup of black cofee (without sugar) in the morning.

Peter said...

This reminds me of Demolition Man, when Stallone wakes up around 2030 and ALL restaurants are Taco Bells (and Schwartzy is president). I'm not too happy to find the same Starbucks in Paris, Beijing... rather looking for the local atmosphere. I don't think we have any Hortons around in Europe - yet.

... and I must admit that I'm a espresso coffee drinker (as strong as possible and no sugar). But, tastes are different and I hope that you will now get your new favourite coffee in an easy and organised way!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Us Canadians are fortunate to have "Timmy's" all across the country, like you say, great coffee and at lunchtime, these coffee shops are busy, with lineups through the door.