Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Johannes and Mina

Mom and I went on the canoe float with Shannon and Johannes was out with Mina. He very kindly offered to take our picture but we were too far out. I love the way this looks.(Click on the photo to make it bigger.)


tukikage said...

Miss neva, I feel that comment from you is nice. Thank you.

My dog suffered from a disease called the disease of the herniated intervertebral disk and was operated on in animal Hospital.

However, it was it to the dog which a lower part of the body became the nerve paralysis as for the body of the dog by the failure of the operation by the veterinarian, and had an obstacle.

By rehabilitation, I stepped on the wheelchair of the dog now and became it till I could run cheerfully.

tukikage said...

A photograph, the man of adult who spread confirmed that I embraced small child.  Is that it is child with your master ...?  The flow of the river seems to be early.