Saturday, September 02, 2006

A bowling team name?

Most of you know that I bowl.

and I LOVE it.

So much so that I bowl in 2 leagues in the winter and thru the summer.

My bowling team consists of me , Alice,who has a Masters in computer programing engineering, and my greek friend Joy. (I think they are tied to the Greek mafia but I am only guessing).
We are 3 girls that couldn't be more different if we tried. Alice is quiet, bright, articulate, not married, no kids(in other words.....she is sane), Joy is greek and firey and funny and a grandma and a dutiful daughter and wife and we love her, and then there is me.....I need not elaborate...but I will tell you that the 3 men we bowled against in our summer league had 10 300 rings between them and they changed my name on the bowling board from my name to "Miss ADD". They were pretty fun to bowl with ....especially since we bowled our brains out and beat the heck out of them...they with their 300 rings!!!!!!(and , NO , that is not being competitive, that is just having FUN).
So, we needed a new bowler in our winter mixed league as we are now a 4 person league and not a 3 person league. We could find no one willing to bowl with us(ok....let's be fair....I should bowl with ME!!)
Finally, it occured to me to ask around work if anyone would like to bowl with me and my 2 friends.
Believe it or not, Kurt, a young Spanish teacher.....very quiet, very bright, and wanting to improve his bowling, agreed to come and bowl with us.
So Kurt is added to the team.
We made him our anchor bowler(that was usually my spot but we felt he could pull it, "Kurt, we need a strike so get one"..would work for him).
But coming up with a name for our team was/is difficult. We were the Ball Busters....doesn't seem fair for Kurt.
We were Jamingo(all our (the girls)first and last initials for a name in the summer and KP wouldn't fit in with that)
We opted for 3 girls and a guy but later.....others(at work) suggested the names of Our Boy Toy or Kurt's Angels.
I personally like the Our Boy Toy but Kurt is young enough to be 2 of our sons and one of us, a grandson, so we think we are settling on Kurt's Angels.....
unless someone else has a better suggestion.
I mean, really, it is all in the name don't you think?
Our first night of bowling was a lot of fun except for the fact that my average was 174 for the evening...Boy does that hurt....cause there is NO WAY I can maintane that average all season.
The other teams will really LOVE bowling with us when I bowl my usual 148-152.
They kept telling me to roll it in the gutter, but I am not a sandbagger....I will take those 6 strikes in row and hope for the best.
So there.Put that in your pipe and smoke it and hope your team bowls mine next week!!!

Oh and any name suggestions will be taken under consideration.


Jeff said...

how about "Obsessive-Combowlsive"
hahaha... i'm a dork.

Grumpy Ump said...

OK OK OK I got it

Dolls with Balls.

It's a WINNER!!

MotherOf3Guys said...

The Drinking Team with a Bowling Problem

neva said...

I REALLY LOVE the Dolls with Balls that could be the winner!!!!

bobby said...

How about "The Misfits?"

Tom said...

Obsessive Combowlsive. Too good.

I like 3 guys and a girl.

Anonymous said...

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