Sunday, October 12, 2008

Football Games

This is the University of Illinois football game. I was down yesterday for their Homecoming game. It is tradition to tailgate but THIS is definitely a fan like I have never seen.
Who would want a van with Tailgate written all over it and in ORANGE? Let me assure
you, not me....but these were SERIOUS tailgater's....they had a grill and flags...and just so much stuff.I couldn't get beyond the VAN!

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When my Russian visitors were here, I took them to the high school football game where I take/sell tickets. They were amazed when I told them that this is what happens all over America, every weekend, at every University, College, high school, Junior High school, little every town EVERYWHERE....they could not wrap their mind around that.....Amazing what we take for granted.......


Rose said...

Neva, I just saw your comment on my blog and asked you if you were in Champaign for the football game--I guess you were! I was sitting to your right in the first part of the horseshoe:) We don't usually tailgate, especially when the games begin at 11 AM, but some people take this so seriously. I am amazed at some of the huge RV's complete with big screen TV's in the parking lot--I'm not sure all of them ever make it in to actually see the game!

Glad you stopped by; I haven't been here since you wrote about the episode with your Russian visitor's getting stopped for driving without a license. I'm so glad it all worked out; I hope her mind was eased after the case was dismissed.

Peter said...

Not surprised by the comments from your Russian guests. Some great sports remain national, regional... Hardly nobody plays your type of football here. But, we have of course rugby and "real" fotball - soccer!! :-)

jan said...

It is amazing how much a part of our lives football is: Friday night high school, Saturday college, and Sunday NFL on TV.

Thanks for the great ORANGE pictures.

Ginnie said...

Exactly! This is what college football is all about, Neva, especially in the Big Ten. Did I ever tell you I'm a '67 grad of the U of Michigan??! :)

MotherOf3Guys said...

Let's go Hokies!! And how about those Mountaineers?