Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bowling with the team

Ok, I admit.....I couldn't resist......Bowling I mean....
16 of the Scholastic Bowl came to bowl for our end of the year party. One of the young men(there are only 2 girls on the team. go figure) who has been my JV captian and is now one of the varsity captains, has taken up bowling and wants me to coach a bowling team for our school.
Now, believe it or not, I am NOT that competitive (although I do think people would disagree with that statement) but this appeals to me on a few levels.
1) I am a pretty good bowler
2) I think I could be a pretty good coach ( I am fond of saying ..."just cause I know how to pick up the spares, doesn't mean I can)
3) I don't care if they win or lose as long as they have fun...or so I say now..

but anyway, a lot of work to start a team of anything at a high school and I am not sure I am up to the challenge but more on that later......

Bowling today with 16 little dumplings.... the chant
Beat Mrs. O
Beat Mrs. O
brought out the worst/Best of me.

I rolled 5 games.....

Ok so the 132 sucked but no one came close to it...

Man, I loved beating all these boys who thought they could beat me.

Maybe I am more competitive than I thought....
but here is the bad part

I can hardly lift my arm.
Obviously I am not meant to bowl more than 3 at a time.

It doesn't pay to try to be a 16 year old again

I might have the experience to bowl well
but they have the youth.

They are probably out doing something fun now
and I am going to put the heating pad on my bicep.



Mamaw said...
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Mamaw said...

Oh, to be young again, and in my case, Oh, to be able to bowl. You know how good/bad I am, but we won't go there. I have to drag out the heat, without the fun!!

Good scores you had!!

MotherOf3Guys said...

I think the funniest part of your story is that the boys thought you couldn't compete with them. They obviously didn't know that you have lots of practice in the bowling realm (remember 25 cents bowling in WVA?) I definitely miss the "good ole days " when you could do those physical activities without any consequences. I would have liked to see their faces when you bowled over 200. (I never made it over the 150 mark) Sorta reminds me, in a way, of the time my own boys were totally surprised that I could drive a stick shift car... they had no faith and were shocked when I took off and 1. didn't kill the engine and 2. didn't squeal the tires or have to gun it. I like surprising them once in a while... glad you kicked butt!

Grumpy Ump said...

Look in the Webster Diction book thingy for word "Competitive" and you will find a picture of you know who, that's right "Let me be Blunt". really, generally she does not appear to be that way. BUT, put her or any of the sisters in a competitive situation, and look out, get out of the way, how'd you like that, take that big boy, will surface.

word to the wise. DO NOT TAKE ON THE SISTERHOOD, you will find yourself staring into a lonely corner of the room and wondering WHAT HAPPENED?

Jeff said...

i was heeding the advice of my father for this one, i'm not trying to start a rivalry at the bowling lane. i am out of practice and won't be averaging 176.8.