Saturday, April 29, 2006 Illegal immigrant??????

So I was called an illegal the other day.

Now I consider this a stupid discussion in the first place.
I feel that there are borders for a reason and you live in Canada you are CANADIAN you live in Mexico you are MEXICAN you live in America you are you see where I am going with this?
If you want to migrate to America....follow the proper protocol

but I digress..

But to be told that my ancestors were illegal is the height of stupidity.....

1) how do you know that if I don't know who and when and where MY ancestors arrived...I am guessing that there were not laws that were in force then cause I am thinking my ancestors arrived a very LONG time ago...and were LEGAL immigrants

(also, imagine their surprise when I told them...umm, sorry, but I do have Native American Indian in my blood. and go take your freaking Percent rule and put it where the sun don't shine...) so let's see....NATIVE AMERICAN or um, I'm sorry what did you say you were...Italian? Polish? EUROPEAN?????

2) you only care because your grandfather arrived illegaly and now everyone else born here is legal and you don't want grandaddy sent back to Russia... or Afghanistan or wherever the heck you came from
Mind your own damn business....spend the money to become legal.....learn the freaking American language and keep the Spanish America the beautiful in Mexico if you can't freaking sing it in English.

Enough said.
I think my position is clear and I HATE talking politics.

Don't make me do it again.....this is America..... if you don't want to come legally....go back to where you freaking came from.


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