Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday Tommy!

ok ok, I will never get around to calling you "Tom". You will always be "Tommy " to me. You are a wonderful nephew and even though you are making me feel old by turning 30, you are awesome. You had the good taste to bring Becky into our family and now the one and only great nephew who couldn't be cuter. Hope your day was happy and aren't you glad I had the good sense to have Shannon on your birthday? What better present than a girl cousin? lol
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(I know I am a day late but I wanted you to have top billing on the blog as you are older)!!


MotherOf3Guys said...

Well, it does make you pause and think "Am I that old, really???" when your offspring turn 30!! I sure don't feel old! We certainly knew that any offspring of Tommy & Becky would have dimples, but this picture really shows the "Daddy" dimples. Becky had a 30th birthday party last night for him and a fun time was had by all! Sorry you couldn't be there...I loved getting Teddy time, but it was a nice 30th birthday celebration for the son too!

Andrea said...

Oh, I am sorry I missed Tommy's um, I mean Tom's birthday. Happy belated birthday.

Tom said...

Hey, thanks! I just saw this...I like that haircut!

And I'm still Tommy to many...if not most, especially the close friends and family. I like it that way.

We had a great birthday celebration, thanks for thinking of me GREAT Aunt Nene.

Jeff said...

I bet Tommy doesn't like fat free ketchup... go get em commenters!