Monday, November 26, 2007

Who needs dancing with the stars?

First, I apologize for the quality of these pictures...the young lady that took them was pretty exhausted and her hands were not that steady!
Yesterday I spent 10 hours in the car with my daughter. She needed a ride home from her excursion to "caving " in Lexington , KY and who but your mother will come 5 hours(one way) to get you when you need a ride? When we got back to her house on campus, I had been in the car almost 10 hours with only a few breaks. My car was VERY aromatic after being with the person who had not had a shower since Thursday. Special memories....those bonding moments between mother and daughter.....but on with the story.
When we got to her house, she suggested that I might be interested in joining her West African Dance Class so I could have some exercise and not fall asleep on my drive home. Well, to be fair, she did not have to try too hard to talk me into doing this. It did sound like fun...I mean, if Jane Seymour can do dancing with the stars why can't I do West African Dancing?
The class lasted for almost two hours and West African Dancing is EXACTLY what you think it is.....lots of drums(these musicians played for almost 2 hours non stop...I have NOTHING but respect for them)and lots of stomping and arm movements. I was the oldest person there by about...well, 20 years easy...and me with my history of dance(ummmm-- that would be NONE.) I danced the entire time....or at least tried to imitate what was being taught. The teacher was very nice to me (very glad to meet Shannon's mum)and even gave me a few one on ones.....I finally told can either have the arms moving the right way OR the feet.... but not both at the same time....and that neck throwing around??? not with this old neck....I'll just keep it in one place...
Two of Shannon's roommates went with and we did have a good time. I guess it goes with out saying that Shannon is very good at this. Her one roommate has done this a lot (she is the one with the wrap skirt on ) and is very good. Her other roommate (in the green tshirt) is just a beginner....but she is waaayy better than I will ever be. I felt kinda sorry for the young lady that had me in her line. She was new and I was absolutely positively not the person to watch for form!
When it was all done and I was ready to go home....I did wonder if I might be sorry I danced straight the whole 2 hours. My mom said that maybe I should have stopped after 45 minutes and my response was heck no I should've stopped after 10 minutes!
So, When I can't move tomorrow, I will remember how much fun I had trying to do the dance steps. I will tell you this....after trying to imitate the moves and lift my feet, stomp my feet -in a rhythm- and move my arms and move my neck all at the same time...I am even MORE impressed with those Dancing with the Stars.....I can also understand how they lose weight! You are too tired to eat when you are done!
Here are a few pictures for you enjoyment...please don't laugh too hard!
Shannon getting ready to dance

The drummers, teacher and some of the dancers.

If you can picture me doing this then you have a better imagination than I do!

Here I am at the end of class.....they made me go in the middle of the circle and strut my stuff...oh yeah....I had fun.

Did I mention we did this barefoot?....and I got home after midnight?


Akelamalu said...

Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog and taking the time to comment.

African Dancing sounds like fun! It reminded me of a few years back when my man and I were going to Line Dancing lessons. We laughed so much we didn't learn much!

jan said...

This really looks like fun. I love all dancing, but the tradions also add to the enjoyment.

Liz said...

Sounds like a blast! The secret is out now - NEVA DOES NOT SLEEP.

Robert said...

Hey N !!
I like your response to a dancing/drumming opportunity. This weekend I'm taking another drumming class from Michael Markus who teaches West African Drumming. Maybe we can make some noise the next time we get together?

Regards, RS of Madison

USAincognito said...

Oh my gosh!! WOW!!!! What fun!!! :) Sounds like you had a fabulous night trying something new and it definitely looks like you enjoyed yourself. :)

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

I admire your enthusiasm in trying out a new dance form and more so your energy in driving so long and dancing so long.

quintarantino said...

Seems to me someone had a hell of a time... and amused herselh quite a lot. Nice reading all this.

Peter said...

Sounds like real fun! Good that you did it! How are you feeling now?

Neva said...

Peter, I thought I would be really quite sore but not so much... I am relieved that I am not sore! The young girls said I would probably feel it on Tuesday but I am really ok. I would do this again in a heartbeat...or an African drum beat!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Hey you look like you were having lots of fun there. I think drums do something to the soul.