Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Movie night

We had a movie evening on Sunday with another couple. My DH is very agreeable to what I want to see so we picked the new Disney movie, Enchanted, to go and see.
When the movie was over, he leaned over and said to the other husband we were with:
"That was THE BEST movie I have EVER seen. The only thing that would have made that movie better would have been 3 stiff drinks before I went to render me unconscious!"

*sigh* I guess I will have to let him pick the next time.


Andrea said...

My husband likes TV but does not like the computer. I like the computer but do not like the TV. LOL

quintarantino said...

That´s funny... I guess you better let him choose... and then, revenge... at the end just say... hum, very nice... if only I had brought my pillow!!!!

Peter said...

Well... I think I understand your husband. Sorry!!
Nothing against Disney films, but for this kind I would go with my grandchildren.

Liz said...

Did my DH come up to your neck of the words and disguise himself as Charley??? OMG, that is hilarious!!!

Lilli & Nevada said...

I love Disney shows as well, My husband i think would like it. I buy some Disney shows and he likes to watch them, says it is better than the violence on most shows.
I do like your husbands comment tho.