Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where are my pants!?

We were in San Francisco last week for a few days. Hubby had a medical meeting and #2 son and I went out to meet him on Thursday. We played the tourist to the hilt....took a bus tour all around San Francisco. Saw Lombard street, the street cars, Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Bridge and in the afternoon went to see the redwood forest.....Sequoia's ...not the Giant ones but the medium sized ones....they were awesome.
We went to the zoo on Saturday and I met up with a fellow blogger (hi Karen!) and we had a great visit all day at the zoo. #2 son and I joined her and some of her photographer friends and spent the day taking photos at the zoo. Lots of fun and I really enjoyed meeting someone I have communicated with weekly via our photos.
We had dinner with a cousin (hi Brian!) and went to China Town for dinner. Took the tour to Alcatraz....we REALLY enjoyed that. All I ever knew about Alcatraz I knew from the movies. In person, it was scarier and old and run down, but still, we enjoyed the tour immensely.
We stayed at a small hotel (8 stories high)that was under renovation. All 3 of us were in one tiny room with a rollaway for #2 son, a queen size bed for us, one TINY bathroom and one decent sized closet. So, picture this....ON Sunday morning at 4:30 AM the fire alarm goes off. A voice comes over the loud speaker and says "this is not a drill. A fire has been reported. Please evacuate the building immediately. Do NOT use the elevator". Well.....wow......
Let me tell you that the first thing I thought of was "where are my pants?" because if you thought I was going out side in my nightgown....think again! I threw open the closet door, pitched hubby and son their pants and shoes...all the while looking for mine..the fire alarm is shrieking in our ears and then we scoot out the door ...making sure we have a key to get back in.
After the 7 flights down the emergency fire staircase..which was about as narrow and steep as any stairs I have EVER been on....AND when we got to the 2nd floor (we started on the 7th)...there was a sign that said that using the main staircase might be more comfortable.
WHHAATT???? more comfortable than... a fire? a heartattack?
We get outside with all the other patrons in various states of dress and watch while 2 San Francisco fire trucks pull up. A few firemen rush into the building and shoo all the people out of the lobby. Another few pull out a ladder and extend it to the metal fire escape on the outside,
Now we are standing here watching the firemen attach the ladder to the fire escape.
The people next to us were from England and wanted to know "does this happen often?"
and "I wanted a wake up call but this is a little much!"
The young couple on the other side whipped out their phones and this is what I heard,"Well, the honeymoon from hell continues. We are standing outside because our hotel might possibly be on fire".
Ok....my first thought--"who do you call at 4:30 AM in the morning to say this too?" my second thought---"what the heck else has happened to make this the honeymoon from hell?' Under other circumstances, I would've asked but I was then distracted by the firemen when they started going up the ladder to the fire escape. What distracted me was.....they were using a WOODEN LADDER-- on a building supposedly on FIRE.
Was it just me or do you think that is odd? San Francisco has had a few fires over the years. Somehow this did not strike me as a safe use of a wooden ladder. The good news was....it WAS a false alarm and we were allowed back in the building.
And me with out my camera (gasp!) or my purse (double gasp!) Because all I could think of when the alarm went off was....
"Where are my pants?"
It was a great way to start the day!


Peter said...

Did you have a nice sleep afterwards? Maybe a bit too exited? "Was it really a false alarm?"... "Why didn't I bring my camera?"...
Well, without the photo proof, you know at least how to tell the story nicely in words!

jan said...

Some people just have routine visits to San Francisco. That would certainly get your day off to a adreneline-filled start.

MotherOf3Guys said...

I shocked that you didn't find out all the details about the "honeymoon from hell".... you must be getting rusty! Even with a possible fire...that seems like an opportunity that you wouldn't miss... I too would be interested in what made it a hell honeymoon...but I'm not sure I would have had the nerve to ask...even if I am known for my "this is my question" personality!! Anyway, glad all was well...my family makes fun of me that I alway count the doors to the exit when we stay in hotels...but you know me..."I know somebody who died like that!!"

Liz said...

Great story. I could just picture all of that even without your camera. I bet Charley went back to the room and right back to sleep, too.

USAincognito said...

haha!! I am sorry but I just could not help but laugh while reading this! You have such a descriptive way of telling this story! ;) Glad to know that the fire alarm was false, though - and you found those pants! :)