Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chicago College of Performing Arts

My Korean "daughter" had her concert last night with the student orchestra. They played Beethoven's Fantasia in C Major and Beethoven's Symphony NO. 9 in D Minor. I am not sophisticated enough to be able to put it in blogger but it was really nice. The auditorium is lovely. The singers on the stage are actually faculty members performing. My only problem with the performance was the audience.
I KNOW it is for the family's of the students so little kids get to come..I applaud that. What annoyed me was the request by the President and CEO (also he is the Chair and Master of Ceremonies) to HOLD your applause until the end of the movement(there were four) and after every little pause, some yo-hoe would start to applaud. 2 things I have to complain about....you were asked to HOLD your applause and when you don't...you are annoying!.....if even this little girl from West Virginia can have some class...so can you...and more importantly, you slow the whole process down and I MISS MY TRAIN because you were an idiot and delay the performance....that annoys me. Here is a big heads up for you non-symphony goers......you can applaud ONLY when the conductor turns around and smiles and waves his/her hand over the orchestra and the ORCHESTRA stands up.
'nuff said.


jan said...

A glare to the offenders can usually educate all but the most obtuse. Unfortunately there are a lot of the obtuse in our world.

Suburbia said...

That came through perfectly, thanks so much

Suburbia said...

I wouldn't be too hot on concert etiquet, so thanks for the tip!

USAincognito said...

There is always at least one idiot in every crowd it seems.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Hear, hear! I agree completely. Every time I have been to any sort of concert recital, this happens... applause in the wrong place. Nice to know the music is appreciated, but please..... think before you put your hands together!!