Saturday, March 17, 2007

Scholastic Bowl

I am a coach for Scholastic Bowl. I am now a moderator through the state I live in. This means that I can be asked to moderate an event for schools that want to host a Scholastic Bowl event and need a moderator(reader). You might remember that I am a phenomenal rule follower(see here
and today I was a moderator for a junior high near me...this is my second time doing this for this tournament. I am really good at moderating.....I know this because many people have told me so .....other coaches, other moderators, my students I me...they have had to live through bad readers this season (this is due to the fact that coaches take turns reading the questions during a match in your league play) and we have been in 2 tournaments this year where they hire moderators to read ---my team came in 2nd -lost by 4 points once and 5 points to the same team at TWO different tournaments----ACKKKK!!
A side note High school team (I coach the Frosh/Soph level)has come in first in our league for the second year in a row :) YEAH!!
Also, and here is the BIGGY, I am a RULE FOLLOWER and I do NOT take kindly to junior high coaches telling me I am wrong(....ok ok...there ARE a FEW differences in junior high....but I KNOW what they are...thanks anyway....)

So, today......I moderated 5 different games.....9 different schools.....and 7 coaches told me what a wonderful job I did.....and one coach had a MAJOR melt down over one of my calls.

Listen up people......don't EVER argue with the moderator because...and here is a news flash...WE have final say....right OR wrong and if you have pissed me off........well, don't count on me reversing my decision.

'nuff said.

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MotherOf3Guys said...

Man, we do have the same genes! I am a definate rule follower and I can just hear Miss Let Me Be Blunt telling an arguing coach about the rules! It only makes sense that you don't want to p@#$ the "governing body" off! That passive/aggressive nature can really play havoc in those situations!Congrats on your team doing well!