Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I went outside to take the puppy for his constitutional. As I was standing waiting for him to go do his thing, I started picking up the debris left over from winter. Then I went and got the pruners, then the rake, then the yard debris bags......needless to say, I was out for quite a fast as I could put the stuff in the bag, Clancy was just as quick trying to get it out!!

I did get my perinnial garden looking much better. I don't clean it out before winter as I think it will be easier to clean in the spring.

I might have to rethink that view.

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MotherOf3Guys said...

You can tell we are related...I get started doing one small thing outside and it turns into an all day affair. I love yard work and look forward to spring but as my neighbor (who also is compulsive about his yard) said after his first time mowing, "When is winter?" Didn't realize how out of shape I was! I think my neighbor may have asked for the wrong thing though, because yesterday I mowed at 82 degrees and this weekend it is suppose to be in the 20's!!!