Saturday, January 21, 2006

7" snow on the deck we weren't real quick about getting our lawn furniture in from the summer time....but it makes it easier to see how much snow was falling yesterday! The dogs(Mason and Tessie) being that they are labs the snow but this is a bit much for Tessie and her 10 year old hips!!! Pretty to look at and a B----to snow shovel. Heart attack snow was the name of the game.....even the snow blower was over worked.

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MotherOf3Guys said...

Nothing like a little snow and fun with a snowblower...I'm jealous of the snow blower but have the good fortune to have a neighbor that has one and will take pity on the poor woman next door. The neighbors have always wondered about the woman shoveling when there used to be a house full of boys living here...Awhh, the good ole days when the boys lived here...but they still hated to snow shovel!

neva said...

What is up with living with lots of boys who hate the cold or more specifically...snow shoveling/blowing!!!??