Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Christmas tree in auto accident

We had a real tree this year for christmas. This is not an unusual thing but I was pushing for the fake kind since it isn't as messy. After much discussion with my husband of 30 years(real or fake) I capitulated and went and got the real tree....mostly because we were having 14 for Christmas dinner and maybe it would smell nice.....not that the turkey or the pies or anything I was cooking would overpower the pine in the tree or anything......

So, after bowling on the Tues before Christmas.....I went and got a real tree from a lot not too far away from the bowling alley.. It was negative 3 and I was not that happy that I was out doing this alone so I pulled up, parked the suburban, got out and went and asked the gentleman and the better word here would have been redneck....was he still selling trees....As there was a virtual FOREST of christmas trees surrounding me.. no surprise when he said yes. Since it was dark, cold, late and I really didn't care, I said I wanted a frasier fir at least my size(and for those of you who don't know me, I am almost 6 ft tall), put it in that surburban, how much do I owe you and thank you very much. (Well, it WAS negative 3 and you wouldn't hang around checking out all the frasier firs on the lot either!) Got home, left it in the suburban, got up the next morning and put it in the garage and left to go and finish christmas shopping.
About 7 that night I get a phone call from my 22 year old son who wanted to know when we had gotten a christmas tree and why no one had told him that we had one.
Now, the unusual part of that sentence is that my 22 year old CALLED ME WITHOUT BEING ASKED so I was little surprised. When I asked why did he want to know, his answer was and I quote "because someone left it in the garage and I ran over it when I pulled in" .
Long story short......he had to run back over the tree to get the tree...which had fallen down and was out of his line of vision..out and when we went to put it up later that night...imagine how thrilled my husband was to have to cut 2 feet off of a 6 ft, $60 frasier fir.

Just so you know, the hole wasn't really visible unless you sat next to it on the couch and really, don't all trees look beautiful once you get the ornaments and lights on???
The tree in the auto accident was almost the highlight of christmas but the real highlight was when I turned on the oven, on Christmas morning, to cook a 21 lb turkey for the 14 people coming for dinner and my oven broke RIGHT THAT MINUTE.....but that can be a whole nuther blog don't you think?


MotherOf3Guys said...

That was a "TREE"medous story! My favorite part was the "my son never calls without being asked!" Here's to more blog entries!

Tom said...

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiits NEVA!!!

La Professora said...

Have you ever read Laurie Notaro? She is hysterical and has two fabulous stories about trees in her "Idiot Girl's Christmas". A worthy read and, apparently after your story, one that you will truly appreciate. :)

neva said...

no, but I am on my way to find her!!! I hope you don't mind that I added you to my sidebar.....after "bonding" with the 22 year old and his "I can't believe you don't get this!" attitude....I am pretty proud to have figured it out today ---without his "help" and I KNOW there are many who will appreciate your blog!