Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How can you be too loud in a bowling alley??

To those of you that know me, you know I am a bowler. I know, I know....if someone would have said I would not only own my own shoes but own MY OWN BAll 5 years ago I would have laughed them off the face of the earth!!! But there you have it, I am a bowler and I LOVE bowling..
Sometimes I am really good and sometimes I am really not. Mostly I do it because it is fun-but I have also gone from bowling 98 to an average of 162--which makes it more fun let me tell you. I have yet to bowl a 600 (599 is the closest I've gotten and close only counts in horsehoes and hand grenades) but I love trying. I have even gotten the husband to join a couples league every other Sunday night.
While I look forward to every other Sunday in anticipation of throwing that perfect game.....husband is spending as much time dreading it. I think it is because it is the only game,sport, activity that I am actually better than he is. (He has a 130 average...mostly because he doesn't care as much as I do.) The truth of the matter is , the more you bowl the better you get. I used to bowl in 3 leagues and he only bowled in one so that proves MY theory (I now only bowl in 2....I had to fit work into my days!!!)
I bowl to have fun not to win money and it's a good thing since I am not THAT good..
I have a huge problem with the bowlers who are oh so serious and need their individual space don't get me wrong....I am a rule follower from way back. I KNOW the rules and I follow them -I also expect YOU to follow them but we can have a lot of fun doing it.So, while I am bowling and having fun, I really hate to be told that I am being too loud.
Now I ask you.....HOW CAN YOU BE TOO LOUD IN A BOWLING ALLEY???........have you BEEN in a bowling alley?????? it is not the library(where I do work during the day so yes I DO know how to be quiet.....it is my job to make sure EVERYONE is quiet where I work(and if you know me , you KNOW how hard that is for me.....)
I can assure you, being told to quiet down in the bowling alley is not how you want to meet me. It's not a tournament, we're not bowling for millions, there are no Cameras rolling, we're not at the opera or the symphony ( and quiet is a requiremnt at those places) so shut your trap and throw your darn ball and don't make me come over there and give you a lesson in bowling etiquette ..
And, yes I bowled well tonight......200, 170, 163
SIGH......still not a 600 and I don't care HOW loud I was.
So put that in your pipe and smoke it.


MotherOf3Guys said...

I am totally impressed that you even came close to 600! All those times in WV at 25 cent bowling must have paid off! I would bowl just to see you tell someone the bowling etiquette...that would be worth the trip!

neva said...

I think it was the 25 cent hot dogs that really did it for me!

Jeff said...

i can't believe that we spent so much time together last year and not once went bowling. Bowling is def. one of my favorite things to do, and i'm a stickler for etiquette, BUT i like to have the most fun out there.... i.e. when i know it's going to be a strike, i do a pre-emptive dance signifying that i know it's a strike. i have a whole list of different strike dances.

Tom said...

While the bowling story was entertaining, I found the fact that you work in a library to be most intriguing. The projecting nature of your voice seems so out of place in a library. You must have to really dial it down...

Grumpy Ump said...

OK let me see. the constant rolling of a bowling ball and the smack of pins hitting each other.. does not even compare to the screeching.


neva said...

Jeff, you should see MY strike dance...and Tom....would that be an oxymoron that I work in a library with a voice that can shatter glass??? and grumump ..just for you......ERRIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCC!!!!!!!!

Grumpy Ump said...

Ok Ms.Blunt We are waiting for your next Blog.. I thought you always had a lot to say about everything?