Friday, February 10, 2006


I love reading blogs..... I try and post to those that I really enjoy and I am on my way to find lots to read.
Love the word BRA(blog reading addict)-I had no idea this was even an acronym!

You have no idea how many good blogs are out there.

If you have stopped by here, nice to see you, leave a message...not necessary to lurk but all are welcome!

Good reading and good blogging!


Grumpy Ump said...

Once a blogger always a blogger. and if you don't continue then we may have to post for you.. you would not want us to do that would you? After all you always have lots to say, just like this one down here.

MotherOf3Guys said...

Now I will be dissapointed not having a Let me be Blunt read every once an a while...I know you have lots of stories in you cause I remember reading letters you have written. I do understand that difficulty in finding a topic. Don't give up completely...when the feeling strikes you, just let it roll. I would love to hear some of those scholastic bowl tales, China updates, and treehuggers latest "causes." Do like Jerry does...write frequently for a while and then nothing for many days! I really do like the comments though, so don't stop that!