Saturday, February 04, 2006

Restrooms and teenage girls

There is a phenomenon I've noticed in the restroom.
I know that teenage girls are a breed unto themselves and there are many things I don't understand about the behaviors they do, but having been a teenage girl a LONG time ago, some of their behavior is so strange it borders on the BIZARRE! (to me)
I have been in the stall and heard girls (different ones at different times) discuss everything from their love life -and yes they have a VERY active love life according to the conversations , STDS-who has them who doesn't, BJ's -who gives them, who doesn't, who is good at them, who is not ( my husband says he would love to go back to high school if they are playing spin the boy instead of the bottle and said boy gets a BJ! instead of a kiss), drugs-who does, who doesn't and who SHOULD!!, and the list is endless.
So --the phenomenon I am ALWAYS amazed about is when they then enter the stall to take care of the business that brought them there in the first place, they are unable to do so until someone hits the hand dryer and it kicks on and hides the noise of teeteeing in the potty.!!!! Not only does that surprise and stun me, but that they don't care who is in the stall while these conversations are happening is also shocking!
Many of the things I have heard, even had I done it when I was young, I would have NEVER repeated it to anyone, much less the entire bathroom audience. (To be fair, maybe there were girls in the high school I went to that did that kind of stuff.....but I never knew about it or was so out of the loop that even if they talked about it I wouldn't know what it was they were talking about! For instance, the girl that changed into gym clothes next to me for my entire senior year, was pregnant and when her water broke I thought she had wet her pants......but I don't think she knew she was pregnant either!!!!)
I will be honest and tell you that I have sat in the stall far longer than I needed to so I didn't have to see who these little dumplings were/are that are sharing so much with the public at large. How could I possibly keep a straight face?


MotherOf3Guys said...

My how things have changed since we went to high school....I can totally understand the "shy bladder" thing, but it is an interesting analogy in regards to the explicit sexual histories. I think I would have to continue in the girls bathroom and not the faculty one...just for the education!

Grumpy Ump said...

who does, who doesn't and who SHOULD!!

Sounds like the title of a best seller. When does the novel come out?

Take notes, then publish the findings as an educational book. Mc Graw Hill is always looking to expand the school book sales.

Maybe you'll find yourself on Oprah one day and the expert on that kind of stuff...