Friday, February 17, 2006

TGIF (now known as The Sports Page)

This is somthing that goes back to my student days in Detroit. We used to call it happy hour and we would change our venue from week to week but ultimately would end up at The Ramp Room ( so named because is was on the ramp to the Lodge freeway). Many happy hours spent there and other places (remember that the drinking age used to be 18. When I was 21 it changed to 21 so I never drank illegaly( I don't think my kids can say the same!)

Anyway, where I work now, I go out to the bar on Fridays with some of the teachers that work with me. Not so many go because of other committments(sp?) but I wait every week for one of the teachers to send the invite out(in case others would like to come....we like to invite all!!)

Now the guy that sends the invite is a very talented, creative person and everyone waits to see what the invitation will be on Friday. I am including 2 of my favorites.

To: EveryOne> Subject: a view into my mind>>

A LITTLE INTERNAL MONOLOGUE (believe it or not as an example of my thought patterns this isn't too far off ). Hmm, what to write about this week, I already did the wheel of fortune thing, already did my surreal joke...... wow I'm choking here I can't think of anything remotely clever or interesting to write.....maybe a dirty limerick, nah I should keep it rated "G".... I can't remember the last "G" movie I saw, it had to be a cartoon.... I like cartoons.... I remember old Tom and Jerry cartoons, what was the name of that depressed dog on that show, Drippy? No Droopy that's it. I wonder if they have Tom and Jerry DVDs on Ebay, maybe I should check that out, I would be willing to pay at least $13 for one....Why is 13 an unlucky number, why not seven? Is it because it's prime, no because so is seven.. Seven was a great movie, one of Pitts last good movies, why is America so obsessed at who he's dating, I think it's ridiculous the amount of attention that celebrities get for dating other celebrities, J Lo and Ben who really cares, neither of them can act Ben peaked in the movie Chasing Amy.... hey--I just wasted half a page and I have no Idea what to type for the Sports Page, oh well I'm not even going this Friday, so this will have to suffice.....Have a great weekend!! MG

Next one coming up

To: EveryOne> Subject: I love Thesaurus. COM>>

Come out today to the

SPORTS: adventure, amusement, athletics, bingo, business, distraction, diversion, enterprise, festivity, follow-the-leader, frolic, fun, jest, joke, lark, line, merriment, merrymaking, nothing game, occupation, pastime, piddly, plan, play, proceeding, pursuit, recreation, romp, scheme, sport, sports, undertaking

PAGE: folio, leaf, recto, side, signature, surface, verso

BAR: alehouse, bar, barrel house, barroom, beer joint, beer parlour, bucket shop, dive, drinkery, gin mill, grog shop, honky-tonk, hospice, hostelry, hotel, inn, joint, lodge, lounge, night spot, nineteenth hole, pub, public house, roadhouse, rum room, saloon, speakeasy, suds shop, taphouse, taproom, watering hole

and have a

ALCOHOL: booze, canned heat, cocktail, drink, ethanol, firewater, hard stuff, hootch, intoxicant, liquor, methanol, moonshine, oil, palliative, red-eye, rotgut, sauce, smoke, spirits, tipple, toddy

DRINK: absorb, belt, booze, consume, dissipate, down, drain, gargle, gulp, guzzle, imbibe, indulge, inhale, irrigate, lap, liquor up, nip, partake of, put away, quaff, sip, slake, slosh, slurp, soak up, sop, sponge, suck, sup, swallow, swig, swill, tank up, thirst, tipple, toast, toss off, wash down, wet whistle


TALK: articulate, babble, blab, broach, chant, chat, chatter, chaw, chin, comment on, communicate, confess, converse, describe, divulge, drawl, drone, express, gab, gabble, gossip, influence, inform, intone, notify, palaver, parley, patter, persuade, prate, prattle, pronounce, rap, reveal, rhapsodize, run on, say, sing, soliloquize, speak, spout off, squeak, squeal, tell, tell all, use, utter, ventriloquize, verbalize, voice, yak

with your

CO-WORKERS: accessory, accomplice, associate, coadjutor, collaborator, colleague, confederate, friend, friendly, helper, partner

I go to the bar just to see this guy in action....he is a hoot and I am the only over 50 person there every week.....Everyone else is under 30..It is nice to know who your friends are..

but if my sister lived near...I know we'd share a few ourselves.

Have a great weekend....whether you go out for a drink or not!

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MotherOf3Guys said...

Man, wish I lived near you so we could go to the sports page bar...we would really have a good time...they probably would ask," How can you be too loud in a bar?"