Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Be glad that you do NOT live next door to me.
After 20 years in our house, at 3:00 am this morning,
our alarm system decided to go haywire.

No, we did not turn the alarm on*....

No, we had no idea how to get the alarm to stop.....
keep in mind that the outside horn alarm is going off as well and it is as loud as the air raid drill siren. After 30 minutes of trying the code, pushing every button we could think of,we finally went into the basement and --wonder of wonders--there was an off switch.

Why we didn't think of THAT 20 minutes into the earsplitting alarm is a mystery to both of us. Probably because we are both OLD and we were woken out of a sound sleep.

When we were finally back in bed, husband says:
"Do you think it odd that we didn't even CONSIDER it might be a real alarm?"
ME: That would be hard to do considering we haven't alarmed the alarm for over 15 years."
Husband: "OH"

*we have not used our alarm because we have forgotten the code. When it was first put in, it was right at eye level for our 5 year old and everytime he walked by, he would push the fire alarm button. We never had it attached to the fire house just for that reason. Eventually, when we could use it, we figured we didn't really need to. So we decided to just ignore it. If we ever sell the house, I guess we will update it but for now, it is off and will remain off. My heart can not take that much excitement at 3:00 am!!!!


WDM Mommy said...

LOL! My husband's company sells and installs alarm systems :)

I am glad it was a real one!

MotherOf3Guys said...

Did I tell you that I set off the new parents alarm when I went over to get the house ready for the new baby arrival? Well I did and that alram was ear splitting, Maddie the dog was howling, and I was freaking! I tried to reach the kids to ask what to do and they were a no answer. Anyway, when the police showed up, I was out hangind a new baby flag, welcome baby wreath to the door, and balloons. The officer didn't even ask me anything beside," Is everything ok here?" I was profusely explaining that I was the new grandma, etc. Well, I finally asked him why he didn't ask me for ID or anything and he laughed and said,"i didn't think a buglar would be hanging flags and decorating!" It will be a good story for the baby book!!