Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all!

I am having Easter-cooking for 12.

My sisterinlaw and I switch Easter and Thanksgiving and it is my turn this year.

When our kids were little, we decided that they needed to have their own holidays at their own house. Since we always spend Christmas at grandma's(because she has all the tableware and space for 22-or 32- or 42!), we do the other 2 biggies. Usually we do every other which means in one year we each do the holiday. It has worked out really well for us. We switch when we need to and now that our kids are grown we rotate with another sisterinlaw.

This all leads up to this.....

You have to remember to tell all parties involved when plans change.

On Thanksgiving (06), I was having it. It was going to be a smallish group-6 to 8-so no sweat. The other sisterinlaw we rotate with decided it would be a good idea to combine her group and have a larger celebration.
No problem...I would just transport the stuff (not the turkey) and it would all be good.
While doing the Turkey Trot the morning of Thanksgiving with a bunch of relatives coming for dinner, one nephew happened to overhear this:
"I'll see you later back here."
D: "What?"
T: "I'll see you later here(his house)."
D: "What? Isn't Aunt N*** having it? That's where I was invited."
T: " Well, we switched and we're having it."
D: " Must've missed that memo."

so, had he shown up at the house, he would have thought something bad had happened. I had cooked a small turkey (for leftovers for us)and it was on top of the stove, made a vegetable dish for the vegetarians in the family (the daughter and the niece in law to be:))and left some home, 2 pies were on the counter (I made 6 so I left some for us) and the table was partially set.
I am sure he would've freaked if he had actually shown up and seen the mess I left.

Sorry about leaving you out of the loop, D. Won't happen again! and yes,

Easter IS at the house---really.

See you later.