Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bike Accident

We have had a very stressful few days. The daughter wrecked her bike at college and ended up in the ER with a possible broken jaw*. I went down to school to get her to bring her home to consult with our doctors and felt I was handling the situation with perfect equanimity, under control, what will be will be and all that attitude, thankful it wasn't anything worse.
Before we left campus I needed gas so pulled into a gas station, pulled out the credit card and proceeded to try and fill up. After numerous attempts to slide the card in the proper slot and hearing "See attendant" I finally went inside--with the credit card-- and moseyed up to the counter with a few other items we thought we might need for the trip home.
Waited in line, finally handed her my card and other purchases.

The attendant was by this point pretty exasperated with me as she had been telling me to come see her so she grabbed my card, slid it through the machine and then looked at me, at the card and said:
"We don't take Mobile credit cards at this Marathon gas station."

Did I feel like a fool or what?

*final note, the jaw is not broken and the cracked tooth did not need a root canal and she has 10 stitches in her chin...for something that started out pretty scary, she was very lucky. She always wears her helmet, but her dad has now revoked her bike license.

And many thanks to Dennis for going to the ER to see how she really was until I could get there...You're the best nephew ever!!


GR8UMPS3 said...

I did that same thing in St. Albans at my nieces gas station. I tried to use a Chevron card. She was Chevron for years... they sold to Exxon Mobil some months before. Since I don't live there I did not even look to see that they changed. I went inside and yep. "Sir, we are no longer Chevron, we are Exxon Mobil."

That just told me that we had been back to St. Albans for quite a long time.

Neva said...

You can be sure I will at least PRETEND to look from now on!!

WDM Mommy said...

I am glad she wasn't hurt worse! My son is only 5 and we have already been to the ER 3 times. My daughter has only been there 1 time be she is only 21 months.

Tom said...

Let it be noted that if I was within a 50 mile radius of this ER, I would've gone to visit her too.

Neva said...

Duly noted!! I bet Dennis had no idea when he accepted the offer to take the "Terminator" to U of I that it would include frantic phone calls from his Aunt to go and do stuff like this. I have the BEST nephews on the face of the earth. How lucky can an Aunt get?

MotherOf3Guys said...

We are glad all is ok. As my boys would tell you," I know somebody who died like that."

Marvene said...

Interesting to know.