Saturday, May 26, 2007

Outside work

Over the years we have defined different jobs as inside or outside.
You'd think this would be an obvious decision...Inside stuff..mine outside stuff...his
....but there are many jobs inside that fall to husband as well(things like painting the walls, fixing the toilet, sinks, faucet drips, you know...husband jobs)
and there are many jobs outside that I like to do even though they are husband jobs (mowing the lawn, planting flowers, weeding, blowing the leaves).

Well, after my experience yesterday with weeding, he can have that job back.

It had rained and the ground was perfect for weeding...a job that is very gratifying...if there wasn't so much to do!!!!While pulling weeds under the Austrian pines.....a branch went into my eye..I now have a corneal abrasion....not a big deal..I hope...but it does not feel so grand.
Yes, I had glasses on.
Yes, I was being careful or so I thought.
Yes, I went to the doctor ASAP.
and yes I will weed again...
but I am checking that marriage contract and making sure that is says it is an outside HUSBAND job and get the compensation I deserve!!!


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Jill said...


That happened to my dad many years ago. It was very scary, as a young child, seeing him injure his eye. And, he was wearing his glasses too!

After my incident with the leaf blower (See Bobby's blog:, we have had to redefine what I should be "allowed" to do outside. I sure wish weeding had been cut from my list, but no such luck! Instead I've had to renew my vows...mainly stating that I would stay away from outdoor power tools. (Although, I did use the hedge clippers this morning while my husband ran out to get gas for the mower--don't tell!)

Hope your cornea heals quickly and causes you little discomfort.

Love reading your blog. Tell Tina I miss reading hers.

Happy Memorial Day!

Bobby's wife, Jill

GR8UMPS3 said...

Outside work is woman's work, unless it is tomato plants.

MotherOf3Guys said...

That trying to define inside/outside, husband vs wife work can be really tricky! Didn't hear about your eye(not surprising since this was during baby watch time)...hope all is well. I do love me some good outdoor work is like my therapy! Thank you Jill for the comments on my temporarily absent blogging...I really need to get back in the blog swing! My sister has taken over as the blogger and I am now the BRA (blog reader addict). Things look like they may be settling down and I can get back in the swing of things soon.