Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Bocce Ball

We learned how to play bocce ball at Camp Michigania. Or at least the version they taught us! My sisterinlaw got a very nice bocce ball set and brought it over and my hubby "made" a court....this involved buying PVC pipes and mowing the lawn an inch and 1-2 shorter than the rest of the yard. The court is 60 feet by 12 feet. Here is a picture.......

and then we proceeded to spend the afternoon playing.
When we played in the morning to try out the was hard to play with Clancy(black lab 7 month old puppy) retrieving all the balls.
He did not understand that these balls were not for him. When the real Bocce ball set arrived, the balls were so heavy he could not get them in his mouth....that was a good thing.
Hope your Memorial Day was as fun as ours!

Hubby,Kathleen behind hubby, son#2, Tessie(chocolate lab) Clancy (black lab) Bailey (golden retriever) enjoying the beautiful afternoon.


Wanda said...

Thanks for stopping by Neva. The game looks so fun...and I loved the dogs in the pictures.
I'll be back!

Lori said...

A lovely place to play bocce ball. You are lucky to have such a nice spot to play! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

Liz said...

I love it! Yes, the dogs love to help. We have 4 beagles. One who is seventeen and not with it mentally.

My daughter has moved to your state, which was my state decades ago.WE'll visit this summer.

Are you done with school yet? I haven't gotten to the sock drawer. Busy with time-consuming errands.

MotherOf3Guys said...

You know Neva, that reading your blog and all the comments from various folks all over the world (France, Germany and many US bloggers) It reminds me of going shopping with you and Mom. You all know NO strangers and would stop and talk to anyone about anything. It usually only took a few minutes for you all to find out tons of info from whomever happened to catch your attention. I have even gotten various calls from your "new friends" and old friends!!
A conversation with my coworkers: "Yeah, I'm going to lunch with someone my sister went to school with that I really don't remember all that well but is newly in the area...hope I recognize her."
A phone conversation from a "new friend":of Neva's: "Yes, you don't know me but Neva told me all about you on the plane ride and said I should call!"

Neva said...

What was it Dad used to say? "Put her in a room with a bunch of anvils and she'll come out with 10 friends"? It is just me....