Saturday, May 12, 2007

A West Virginia story

My husband was at a medical meeting today. When he came home he told me 2 things I had never heard before about West Virginia that the presenter had told them since he had worked in W.Va. for a few years.

Apparently, there are 2 days in the year that ALL hospital staff report to exceptions period.

Husband: Any idea what they would be.
ME: New Year's Eve(we do like our liquor--some of it even homemade!).
Husband: Nope, that would not be one of them, he said. Care to take another guess?
Me: Uh not really.
Husband: Ok, here they are........West Virginia Rattlesnake CatchingDay.
Me: you're joking
Husband: no I am not and the next one? Amateur Moto Cross Day.
Me: What is that?
Husband: You know. where amateurs ride moto crosses.

I would like to think that he is pulling my leg...but I have a feeling that if I make a big deal about this-( I mean--really--I lived in the state for 22 years and never heard of either one of these)he will prove it to me via the Internet or something.

He said that the hospitals have to send for anti-venom from the east coast so they have enough....Ok this I believe but moto crosses..aww come on....pull the other leg.


GR8UMPS3 said...

I would have guessed

1. The opening day of Hunting season.

2. The last day of Hunting season.

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MotherOf3Guys said...

My husband the jokester and NON-hunter!